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  • What Apple is Offering This Black Friday
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Every year, thousands of people line up at retail doors waiting for those Black Friday sales to begin. Apple often discounts many of its top-selling products in preparation for the holiday shopping season kickoff.

This year will prove to be no exception to the Apple Black Friday rule. A certain “leaked” Apple brochure has let shoppers know early what Apple is offering this time around. You’ll find that some of the deals listed below (originally printed on Mashable.com), are better than average while some are not so hot.

This reviewer suggests that you take a few minutes to scour the Internet looking for comparative deals. You’ll quickly discover that many of Apple’s discounts can be found elsewhere. Then again, if you’re going to be out and about this Black Friday, you may just want to cash in on what Apple’s offering.

Some Deals to Look For

Since most people have an iPad on their holiday list, let’s start there. According to the aforementioned brochure, iPads will be $41 to $61 less depending on the size of the iPad. In addition, you will find that Macs are reduced by $101; the iPod Nano can be purchased with an $11 discount; and the Touch will go for $21 to $41 less.

If you have any of these items on your list, it’s time to start comparing prices online. Apple will officially announce these prices soon, and deals will start this Friday bright and early (make sure to arrive early to your local Apple store!). I’ll just offer a word of advice if you are thinking about buying an iPad 2 this holiday season: wait.

About the iPad 2

No news that’s Apple news is set in stone. As with all other Apple pre-announcements, the new that the iPad 3 will finally hit store shelves in March of 2012 is just a rumour. Yet, it’s also a rumour that you may want to pay attention to. The iPad 3 has been in the works for some time now, and there’s no doubt that Apple will release this version of the popular iPad soon.

In fact, it makes a lot of sense that Apple would release the iPad 3 after the holiday season. Why? Apple is a company after all, and companies need to get rid of previous stock before introducing new stock. Since the iPad 2 is already expected to sell like mad this holiday season, Apple doesn’t need to introduce the new iPad prior to the shopping rush. Again, this is just a rumour, but you might want to hold off on the iPad 2 if you are in the market for this tablet.

Get Ready to Fight

If you live in a densely populated area, you can expect to have to fight your way to the front of those Apple store lines. Now that the generally public knows what Apple has to offer, many will be lining up to make it into the Apple store quickly and efficiently. As with anything else that you plan to purchase on Black Friday, Apple stores are bound to run out of stock quickly.