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  • Here's Why Your iPhone Isn't Working
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If your iPhone has been crashing a lot lately or not functioning properly, you’re not alone. A bug reported by Apple has impacted thousands of iPhone users. This bug makes it hard for users to click on a link or to go to any specific web page. The bug also causes the phone to crash repeatedly.

Apple Notes

Apple has noted this morning that the bug was caused by the app Booking.com. The app caused one of Apple’s main systems to overload, which, in turn, caused iPhones all around the world to crash. This means that anyone that installed and ran the app was impacted by the bug. If you did not install or run the Booking.com app, you probably haven’t noticed any strange things happening with your iPhone.

The Fix

Booking.com engineers have been working hard to fix the app. According to recent news, the app has been fixed, so you do have to update the app if it’s something that you use regularly. However, the damage has already been done to those people that did download and use the infected app originally.

iPhone users that did see a change in performance from the bug noted there was a problem when URLs within Safari stopped working. This prompted many iPhone users to resort to different search engines including Bing and Google. In a non-related note, Google is currently working on a search engine for iOS. Perhaps the new search engine that Google is working on will be of interest to those that experienced problems with this latest Safari mishap.

What to Do

If your phone has been buggy lately it is likely because of the Booking.com app. The first thing that you should do is update the app or get rid of it if you aren’t using it. As mentioned, the app is now bug free. As far as what to do with your iPhone, well, Apple hasn’t released a fix yet. A number of people are experiencing issues with iPhone including iPhones that aren’t working at all.

Others have noticed that iPhone battery life is a lot less now that the bug from the Booking.com app has attacked Apple’s system. Apple has not yet responded to these issues, but the company has noted that the problem has been acknowledged. Many iPhone users are angry that their phones have become relatively useless ever since the bug was released.

Many Issues

Apple is currently facing a lot of problems. Aside from the recent bug mentioned here, the company has seen a lot of loss over the past year where new iPhone users are concerned.

The company has also not developed anything mind blowing for a while prompting some to wonder whether or not Apple is still a major player in the phone game. This latest problem is not something that Apple needed, but it is something that the company will have to deal with swiftly. Apple, many are noting, is not what it used to be.