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  • New Apple iMac Updates
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There's more news from Apple today: the company has updated the iMac with a plethora of goodies.

Here's what the new iMacs have to offer.

21.5-inch iMac Updates

2.7 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i5 processor
Iris Pro graphics
Nvidia GeForce 700 series available
i5 processor with 3.4GHz available

27-inch iMac Updates

3.2GHz processor
Nvidia GeForce 700 graphics
3.4GHz available

All Mac Updates

All Macs can now be upgraded to a hard drive with 3TB of storage and 32GB of memory. In addition, all Macs now come with 802.11ac WiFi, 1TB hard drive, and 8GB of memory (standard).

Apple has decided to update the iMacs at this time due to consumer demand. Pricing starts at $1299 (21-inch iMac); 27-inch starts at $1799 - add more for upgrades. If you're in the market for an iMac, you may want to wait a bit, though. Apple is also coming out with a new Mac Pro in 2014.

Apple's New Mac Pro

If you head to the Apple site right now, you can see what the new Pro will look like. But, Apple isn't giving away any additional details at this time (it's a round cylinder-like desktop with interesting details from the looks of things). Will this new Pro be worth the high price that's bound to come with it?

It all depends on how you look at it. Apple's devices are priced high, but the iMacs now come with some enviable specs, and the Pro is going to be something great too, it seems. But, if you're not into dropping a grand on a desktop, you may want to check out some other options.

Desktops Comparable to the iMac

The Windows 8 all-in-one is a good iMac competitor to look at. Another interesting option is the Dell XPS One, which is a decently priced desktop that aims to challenge the iMac directly. With Apple's newest upgrades, though, some older desktops may not be able to compete. My suggestion is this: head to your nearest Apple store and check out the new iMacs.

Spending more than $1000 on a desktop is a lot of money to plunk down, that's for sure, but it's hard to beat an iMac when it comes to graphic projects or other projects that require a large screen and speed. Surprisingly, Apple's latest iMac prices aren't that high considering what you get when you purchase one. But, still, you can opt for a desktop that's in the $500 range if you don't plan to use it frequently.


Apple is advertising the new iMac updates on the Apple site right now, so you can order directly through Apple. Again, though, I recommend visiting a local Apple store just to check out the desktops. This way, you know what you're getting - and you can shop around while you're there.

What do you think of the new iMac updates? Are the set prices on these desktops too high or just right? Will you be buying a new iMac? What about an older one?