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  • iOS 8 Updates Explained
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iOS 8 Updates Explained

Apple has just unveiled the latest version of iOS, iOS 8. This version comes with a lot of updates and changes that are both interesting and useful. Here’s what you can expect.

A New Search

When you search with iOS 8, you’ll now get results from a lot of different places including: places that are near to you, Wikipedia, iTunes, your own phone, and trending news. If you want to kick that search up a notch, you can search with “Spotlight,” which allows you to search practically everywhere for the answers to questions that you may have. So, you can now search your entire phone to find something, not just an app (email, contacts, etc).

Better Multitasking

If you double-press on the Home button, you will see the new multitasking interface. This interface pulls up recent and favorite contacts in the form of faces associated with each contact. From that screen, you can call or send to a message to anyone (using iMessage) without actually opening up an app. The same thing applies for any new text notifications – just respond to a text from the notification screen. A tap on the message alert brings up a message box, and you can respond quickly. You can also call anyone while pulling up the multitasking screen or use FaceTime.

Connected Devices

With the new iOS 8, any Apple device that is running on the same network can connect to a call that you get on your iPhone. Example: someone calls your iPhone, and you pull up that call on your MacBook or iPad. You can also click on a contact’s name in Safari, Calendar, or Contacts in order to integrate your MacBook with your phone (or iPad). The idea here is that all of your Apple devices are much more connected than they have ever been – but you have to run iOS 8 on all of the devices, and everything has to be on the same network.

The Health App

Apple is trying to get into the fitness game with the new iOS 8 Health app. This app can connect to any fitness device, or (also and) connect to the iPhone’s fitness tracking abilities. Sleep, vitals, nutrition, medication, fitness, lab results, and diagnostics are all part of the new Health app.

Keyboard Development

The new iOS 8 keyboard fills in words and phrases that are appropriate for the medium that you are using. This keyboard can differentiate between a text message and an email, and it will suggest words that you may want to use in order to make typing simpler. Most importantly: Apple has opened up its keyboard to third-party app developers. Know those cool swiping programs that Android users have? Well, apps like Swype will now be available for iPhone.

Other Updates and Availability

Apple has also made updates to the iCloud and to family sharing device plans. Essentially, the new updates are going to be very useful. But, you can’t check it out quite yet. iOS 8 won’t be available until later this year for all iOS users, but it will be available to developers starting this week.