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  • iPad 3: What You Might Expect
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Apple likes to top what Apple does best. When the first iPhone hit the market, Apple topped it with a few more phones that blew the first one out of the water. When the iPad made waves, Apple created a newer and better iPad. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Apple is always creating new technology that surpasses older Apple technology.

For some, this ongoing process is frustrating. How can one keep up? For others, the fact that Apple keeps creating is exciting. For a few months now rumors about the new iPad 3 have been circulating. Some spoke of strange and odd features that have never been seen before. Others spoke of things that even Apple can’t do – or can they?

The Launch Date

As soon as a tech rumor hits the Internet, a proposed launch date soon follows. Apple has remained silent about the debut of the iPad 3. Many assumed that the new device would rear its head around the same time as the iPhone 5, which many assume will be this coming September (2011).

Some believe that Apple won’t release the new iPad until enough steam has gathered around the device to cause people to line up for miles on end. The newest and latest rumor is that the iPad 3 will surface sometime in 2012. Then again, you never know what Apple will do.

The Features

What will the new iPad 3 do? It’s hard to say. However, one rumor that has been circulating for awhile now suggests that the iPad 3 will do everything the iPad 2 was meant to do. Let me explain. Someone somewhere received an anonymous tip from an anonymous Apple employee that the iPad 2 was not all it was meant to be.

Seemingly, Apple had to scrap a few important and mind-blowing features from the iPad 2 right before the tablet hit market shelves. This rumor seems entirely plausible, since many devices often fail the first or second time around. Based upon this information, Apple may be releasing a new iPad that includes a lot of perfected iPad 2 features.

Other Tablet Competition

Here on the R-TT website, we recently talked about all the tablet options available to consumers. Yes, it’s a table world. But, even with all of those competing tablets taking up store shelf space, Apple still corners the market!

Has Apple ever felt any real pressure from other tablet developers? Maybe. Although, it’s highly unlikely that Apple will be creating an iPad 3 simply to compete with other tablets. Apple tends to march to the tune of its own drum, and Apple isn’t known for copying any other kind of technology. In fact, more often than not, it’s the other way around.

What iPad 2 Users Would Like to See

When the iPad 3 does rear its pretty head (maybe before Christmas?), there are some things that users have been pining about. If Apple has been taking notes, the new iPad 3 will come with a better display and LTE capabilities. Some would also like an iPad that’s just a bit faster than its predecessor.

Will Apple respond to these requests? Only time will tell.