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  • Are Apple TVs Worth the Hype?
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Ever since the dawn of the first Apple TV, consumers have been curious about these innovative products. As was the case when the first Apple TV arrived on the scene, the latest Apple TV (2010 edition at the time of this writing) is interesting, but lacks substance-wise.

If you’re anxious to get your hands on an Apple TV, the latest offering from Apple does come with some upgrades. You’ll also like the sleek shell that Apple put a lot of thought into. This TV is small and compact, though it does lack in other areas. You can purchase the latest Apple TV for around $100, which is far less than previous Apple TV price tags.

Apple TV Drawbacks

For some reason, Apple has decided to reduce the number of TV shows available through Apple TV. Some extremely popular network shows are not available through Apple TV. This can be extremely frustrating if you have your heart set on watching your favorite TV shows with your Apple TV.
Another problem with the newest Apple TV is Apple’s very own iTunes store. Many of the shows and videos that are available to iTunes PC users aren’t available through Apple TV. Again, this is incredibly frustrating if you plan on accessing everything that iTunes has to offer. You can also count out a number of apps that should be available through Apple (including Pandora).

Apple TV Advantages

With so many disadvantages, the Apple TV advantages may seem unimportant. To be fair, the latest version of Apple TV is cost-efficient. Further, those HDTV shows that are available only cost around $0.99 cents (at the time of this writing). These two costs combined make Apple TV appealing to budget-conscious consumers.

Additionally, the latest Apple TV is small and comes with a user-friendly interface. Those who currently have an iPad, iPhone, or iTouch will be happy to know that Apple TV can be controlled by using any of these devices. Apple did put a lot of thought into the design of the Apple TV, and the interface, as mentioned, is easily navigable. If only the accessible content were better, Apple TV may be worth purchasing.

;;;Netflix: The Big Selling Point'''

Those who enjoy what Apple TV has to offer tend to be stuck on Apple’s Netflix feature. The Apple TV can stream Netflix effortlessly. For around $9 per month, you can sign up for a Netflix account. This account will allow you to stream unlimited Netflix videos through your Apple TV. Apple also offers you the option to store Netflix videos in a personal queue that can be easily accessed.

Of course, if you’re HDTV, gaming console, or other device already streams Netflix, the Apple TV is rendered relatively useless. To get back to the original question (is Apple TV worth the hype?); the answer is a resounding “no.” Will future Apple TVs offer users better options? It seems like Apple is slowly progressing towards a TV that will impress, and this is something to look forward to.