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  • Finally! Bluetooth Wireless Speakers That Rock
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Wireless speakers are usually sub-par. Those that have landed in the wireless junkyard heap promise great sound but never deliver on that promise. Are there finally speakers on the market that actually rock? Audyssey has just released a new set of wireless speakers (actually called “Wireless Speakers”) that might, just might, be what you’ve been searching for.

First Come the Speaker Specs

Speaker specs tend to be a mish-mash of numbers that tend to mean next to nothing. On the other hand, you can learn a few things by looking at the number of woofers and tweeters that a speaker set has (and noting the size of those features). But, just in case you’re wondering what kinds of details come with the Wireless Speakers from Audyssey, here’s the complete breakdown:

Tweeters: 2 (0.75-inch)
Woofers: 2 (3-inch)
Audio Input Jack: Check (3.5mm)
Headphone Output Jack: Also Check (3.5mm)
Bass Radiators: 2 (4-inch)

There you have it. These wireless speakers come with two tweeters; two woofers; an audio jack; headphone output jack; and two bass radiators. If you look closely, though, you’ll see that the sizes of these woofers and tweeters are relatively small. In some instances, smaller woofers and tweeters is a very bad thing. This is especially so when the sound quality is off to begin with. So, how much power can speakers of this size really put out? Surprisingly, a lot.

Overall Sound Quality

Speakers are nothing without decent sound quality. When tested, the Audyssey Wireless Speakers packed really great sound. Overall, the sound was smooth coming from these small speakers, bass notes sounded deep and great, and it was really hard to detect the fact that sound was coming from such small speakers with closed eyes. The Audyssey Wireless Speakers can sit on most shelves (though you will have to find the right space for them, since they are a bit awkwardly designed), and they are relatively undetectable.

Since the Wireless Speakers from Audyssey are, well, wireless (Bluetooth enabled), you can connect these speakers to any Bluetooth device you own. If you want to crank out tunes from your tablet, go ahead. Got an iPhone song list that beats all the rest? Hook up your Wireless Speakers to your phone. This technology is great, and Audyssey has made it much better. There’s just one caveat: the price.

Pricing and Specifics

You might be put off by the $299 price tag that Audyssey has slapped on the Wireless Speakers. There are other competitors out there that don’t charge as much for a wireless set. But, I will tell you that these particular speakers have scored off the charts in most tests.

If you are looking for some wireless speakers to tuck into a library corner or put inside of your home in any location, Audyssey’s new Wireless Speakers are worth taking a look at. This set may also be the perfect addition to any office waiting space (you can easily tuck these small speakers out of sight). These speakers are available on the Audyssey website or through any retailer that stocks Audyssey technology.