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  • Auris: The Ultimate Bluetooth Listening Device
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Music docks have been around as long as smartphones. But docks don’t provide a lot of flexibility. To use a dock, you have to attach your phone to the dock. This doesn’t make it very easy to check your email, browse the web, or scan Twitter while also listening to tunes. A new device called Auris is poised to change docks as you know them. Auris is a Bluetooth dock that will work with almost any smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android, or otherwise).

Unlike typical docks, Auris uses Bluetooth to connect to your tablet or phone. All you have to do is set up the Auris dock, and the dock will find and connect to your phone or tablet for you. The whole process is simple enough. In fact, Auris might be the one docking device that avid music lovers have been waiting for. Here are the Auris details:

How Auris Works

As mentioned, Auris connects via Bluetooth. After setting up Auris, you can connect up to eight different devices. Not only can you connect eight devices, but these devices can all be different. If you want to connect both an Android and iOS device, this isn’t a problem with Auris. Really, Auris is all about letting you play with your phones, tablets, and play your tunes all at the same time.

What’s really great about Auris, though, is that you’re not limited to just music. This dock can play any sound coming from any device – even video game sound. So, if you want to beef up the sound of those Angry Birds, you can play the game on your phone while also listening to detailed game sound. If you want to watch a video on your tablet, but aren’t crazy about your tablet’s sub par sound, this can be done using Auris too.

The Auris Receiver

Auris’ receiver is tiny. So tiny that it doesn’t require a separate power supply. Auris charges while docked. This is the first receiver of this type that I’ve seen, but I’m betting that other companies will jump on the Auris bandwagon, since this is really a novel product.

'Another Factor

Apple might be changing the upcoming iPhone 5’s sockets. This means that a new generation iPhone will no longer fit into older Apple accessories. So, that dock that you currently have may not gel so well with your new iPhone 5. But, if you had an Auris dock, no amount of socket changing would actually matter.

For Now: Kickstarter

At the time of this writing, Auris is not available for retail sale. The company has told press that Auris should be hitting store shelves in December. For now, Auris will be setting up a Kickstarter campaign in order to appeal to the music masses. If you think that Auris is a device you’d like to see come to fruition, make sure to support this company via Kickstarter (page here {{http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/428223606/auris-bluetooth-for-your-dock|auris kickstarter}} ). Otherwise, you can keep your eye on the Auris website for more details.