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  • Down and Dirty Review: The Marvel Avengers USB Drive
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If your ears perk up when you hear “Avengers Assemble!” you will love the new Marvel Avengers USB drives. These drives double as collectibles too. So, you can stand your very own Avenger up on your desk while you transfer data. Sound like a gimmick? Well, it kind of is. But, to be fair, these USB drives do work rather well too. If you’re tempted to shell out $15 for a new Avengers USB drive, here’s what you will find.

Security: Not So Much

Transferring top-secret files? If so, the Avengers USB drives are not for you. If you just want to store your vacation photos, though, these drives are perfect. You won’t find top-level security included in these drives, that you can be sure of. However, standard security measures do apply (what do you want for $15?). Security aside, the Avengers USB drives are a lot of fun to look at.

Design and Structure

Since these drives are made from plastic, they aren’t indestructible by any stretch of the imagination. However, the top of each drive is shaped like an Avengers character. You can choose from Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, or Iron Man. Keep in mind that these are made from plastic from top to bottom (even the formed rock that each character is standing on, which doubles as the USB stem, is made from plastic). Sadly, you can’t actually move the arms or heads of any of the characters; they are just frozen in their current form.

As far as the actual drive goes, there are no real surprises. These are standard USB 2.0 drives. You simply plug the drive into your computer and go. The Avengers USB drives are covered by a five-year warranty, though, so that’s something to consider. Each drive is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. If you’re looking for a USB drive that’s super fast, this isn’t the best option. Still, when tested, the drives did manage to transfer data at a decent rate. Surprisingly, the Avengers drives are fast enough for the average set of files transfers, and that’s really the important factor here.

Who These Drives Are For

If you are familiar with the term “Geek Out,” this is a drive for you. No, really, these drives are best reserved as collector’s items for the serious Avengers fan. Based on the fact that the Avengers USB drives are not super durable, you might not want to carry these with you everywhere you go. Instead, just set them up on your desktop and use a drive when you want to transfer something casually. It might also be worth pointing out that these drives do not slip seamlessly into pockets (due to the odd shapes), so don’t count on these being the slickest of all drives on the market.

If you are an Avengers fan, you can purchase any one (or all) of these USB drives from Ebay or from an assortment of websites (just Google “Avengers USB drives”). At $15 a pop, these drives are a great way to show your office what your hobbies are all about.