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Can’t get out to the ballgame? No problem – you can get all the important stats on your iPhone. Sure, there are other sports stats apps out there, but none of them are directly focused on baseball. Baseball Mobile is a new iOS app that’s bound to be a huge hit with baseball fans. This app has also been released just in time for baseball season.

Baseball Mobile developers have stated that this app is for baseball fans of all kinds. Whether you dig the fantasy game or the real deal, Baseball Mobile promises to be the only app for avid baseball fans. So, what will you get when you download Baseball Mobile? A better question might be: what won’t you get?

Baseball Mobile Includes…

First, I’ll point out that the Baseball Mobile app will set you back $1.99. But, the price of this app doesn’t seem to be deterring serious baseball fans who want all the important stats quickly and easily. Speaking of stats, any kind of stat that you’re looking for (including baseball history) is included with this app. All you really have to do is plug in the teams that you’re interested in, and quick stats will pop up on your iOS screen.

Setting up the app is painless too. Once downloaded, it’s a matter of adding personal preferences to the app. You can also set up alerts if you want to be notified every time your team does something great. Even though this app is clearly geared towards people who love the game of baseball, it’s also a great app for those who want to know more about baseball. Stats range from the very complex to the super simple, so that everyone can really get in on the game.

Who Is this App For?

As mentioned, the Baseball Mobile app is really for all kinds of baseball fans. Even if you aren’t into baseball yet, this app will make learning about baseball easier. The main reason why Baseball Mobile will reach a number of different types of baseball fans is that this app wasn’t developed by a large sports network. Instead, Baseball Mobile was developed by an independent developer – the difference is clear right from the start.

Sometimes it’s hard to get into any kind of sport without knowing a lot about that sport from the start. Baseball Mobile aims to change the way that people look at baseball. Instead of looking at this sport as something that’s hard to understand, Baseball Mobile makes it easy to pick up stats and get the game – or at least look like you know what you’re talking about! You’ll even learn a bit of history when you look through the stats offered by this app.


Baseball Mobile is available right now through the Apple App Store. If you head to the App Store online, you will see all kinds of positive reviews, a quick snapshot of the app, and learn a bit more about the app in general. You can also download the app from your iOS device in minutes. At the time of this writing, there is no talk of Baseball Mobile for Android devices, though this may be a possibility in the near future if the app takes off.