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  • BB10 Software Upgrade Details
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BlackBerry has just announced a software upgrade for BB10. This upgrade comes just one month after launching the new BlackBerry Z10. This time around, the company isn’t going to lose any chances at capturing and keeping new device owners.

Making sure that software is up to par is an excellent move for the company. After all, not keeping up with trends and updating software is one of the reasons why BlackBerry fans became discouraged with the company to begin with.

If you own a Z10, you may want to update your current software. Why? BlackBerry has made some decent upgrades that won’t slow down your phone or suck your battery life (unlike recent Apple upgrades, for example!). Here’s what you’ll find when you do upgrade your BB10 software.

Inside the Upgrades

BlackBerry has been working on the Z10’s camera capabilities for some time. Today, the company announced that the new upgrade would improve the “low-light capabilities” of the new camera. In short, you will be able to take better quality photos in the dark, and that’s an important thing.

Anyone who’s ever tried to take a smartphone photo in a low lighting knows that these pictures don’t always look great. So, you can now start snapping away with your new Z10 – whether or not you have the best lighting available.

In addition to a camera upgrade, the Z10 will now connect better to third party apps. This is another important upgrade, since third party apps are what largely draws people to the BlackBerry to begin with. If you use Gmail, you will enjoy the new compatibility that the Z10 now has with Gmail calendar.

Also, the new upgrades allow for better video playback. Lastly (and maybe most importantly), battery life has been extended. Clearly, BlackBerry has been hard at work making these improvements. If you are wary about giving the new Z10 a try, there are many good reasons why this phone is worth a look.

Gaining Trust is Tough

It’s going to be a long and hard road for BlackBerry this time around. Many former BlackBerry users have switched to either Apple or Android, and some will never go back. BlackBerry has largely turned off most of its followers, though this new phone is different. Really. This time around, BlackBerry has created a slick phone that includes some user-friendly options most people will love.

I’ve had the chance to mess around with the Z10, and I can tell you that it is an excellent phone to own. BlackBerry is still catching up where apps are concerned, but if the company gets another chance at grabbing the phone market share, BlackBerry apps will certainly abound.

If you’re about to run out of your phone contract, make sure to take a look at the Z10 – or the new BlackBerry phone that will be released in April complete with a tactile keyboard! Stay tuned for a complete review of the new phone, more updates from BlackBerry, and news about the Canadian company that could – and will – win back BlackBerry believers.