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  • Beats Has Hello Kitty Headphones
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There’s nothing quite or particularly tame about avid Hello Kitty fans, and Hello Kitty merchandise tends to be loud as well. So, the new Beats headphones that have been designed with those fans in mind are perfect for anyone that loves Hello Kitty on your holiday list.

As you might have guessed, these headphones feature the pink kitty in all her glory, and you can also purchase special Hello Kitty earbuds.

Beats Designs

Beats is definitely all about music quality, but this company is also big on design. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty, Beats has decided to deck out some cans with the kitty and her red ribbon - she’s set on a white background with small kitties spread across the earpieces and headband portion of the phone.

The earbuds that will also be available through Beats feature just Hello Kitty’s red bows, but if you’re a fan you’ll get this design. The larger headphone cans can be purchased for $249.95 and the smaller earbuds will retail for $199.95. Both sets won’t be available until mid-November, but they will be ready just in time for the holidays.

Is It a Kitty?

A few months ago, there was some growing debate across the Internet about whether or not Hello Kitty was actually a cat, or whether it was a little girl cartoon character. An anthropologist charged with developing the Hello Kitty part of the Japanese American National Museum told press that Hello Kitty was not a cat. “She’s a cartoon character. She is a little girl. She is a friend, but she is not a cat.” A lot of people were confused or upset by this statement, but that hasn’t stopped sales of the cat/girl.

Hello Kitty remains a popular character for many Americans and for many Japanese, and the Beats headphones will likely be sold at a high rate before the holiday season. It’s hard to imagine many people that love Hello Kitty also wanting some seriously big and bold Beats cans, but there’s also the smaller and less bold earbud option, I suppose. Those that do know a serious music lover that also adores Hello Kitty will like these headphones, though, and Beats is hoping that they sell quickly.

Hello Kitty Con

If you don’t want to wait until mid-November, you can check out the new Beats headphones by attending the Hello Kitty Convention in L.A. from October 30 - November 2nd. That’s right, there’s a whole conference dedicated to the cat that’s not a cat happening at the beginning of November. While you won’t be able to purchase the Beats headphones at this conference, you will be able to view them in all their glory during the conference. So, if you are a huge Hello Kitty fan, you can’t miss the convention.

As for everyone that doesn’t get to go to the convention, you can purchase your Hello Kitty headphones once they hit the retail space in mid-November. Would you be caught wearing these headphones?