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  • Apple Recalls Beats Pill XL Speakers Due to FIre Hazard
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Even though it doesn’t happen very often, Apple has recalled one of its products due to a fire hazard. The Beats Pill XL speaker that is put out by Apple has been recalled in all places where it is sold because the speaker can catch fire.

As it turns out, the speaker’s battery can overheat and catch on fire, so Apple has recalled all of the Beats Pill XL speakers from store shelves and from homes.

If You Own One…

What do you do if you own a Beats Pill XL speaker? Even though Apple claims that not all of these speakers will catch on fire (and it is rare that they will, company representatives state), the company wants anyone with a Beats Pill XL speaker to return the speaker to the store where it was purchased for a full refund. If you live in the US, that refund should be around $325. If you live in the UK, that refund is around 215 Pounds.

As far as other Beats products that you may own, Apple has issued a notice stating that the fire hazard does not apply to any other Beats products. The company found that the Pill XL speakers could catch on fire when testing the speakers, but no fires have been reported yet. Still, it is within Apple’s best interests to make sure that the speakers are recalled in case a fire does happen.

A Late Warning

The Beats speakers were released back in 2013, so the warning from Apple to return the devices due to a possible fire hazard comes a bit late. Still, Apple wants to make sure that consumers are safe when listening to the speakers, which is why the recall has been issued. It is really rare that Apple recalls any of its products due to a safety hazard, but Apple can falter just like any other company.

Apple does provide a good model for other companies though. Instead of waiting until a fire has happened or making returns difficult, Apple is allowing people to return the speakers as a precaution. This is a far better tactic to take than to wait until one speaker catches on fire to refund someone’s money. Apple wants to stress that the other Beats products on the market are perfectly safe, and that the Beats speakers are just one of the many products out there.

Other Speaker Options

If you do have a Beats Pill XL speaker and you have to return it, there are other portable speakers on the market that are comparable. Some other options to consider are the Jawbone Jambox, Extreme Connect, the SoundWorks OONTZ, and the JBL Charge. Most of these speakers cost less than the Pill XL too, so you can use some of the money you’ll get from the refund to buy a new speaker, and use the rest for something else.

Stores should be giving back a full cash refund to replace the hazardous Pill XL speakers, but if a store gives you a store credit or doesn’t want to give you any kind of a refund, it’s a good idea to contact apple to figure out what the issue is. As long as you have a Pill XL speaker, you should get that refund without any problem.