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  • Bedphones: “Sleep Sound”
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It has been said that music can help you sleep. The soft lull of your favorite tune will help you drift into a deep sleep faster than counting sheep. The only problem is that falling asleep with headphones on is less than comfortable. Some are too big while others are made from hard materials that aren’t a compatible with a soft pillow.

But Bedphones are just right. Bedphones are headphones (ear-buds, really) that were designed to fit snugly inside of your ears while you sleep. These headphones are small, pliable, and comfortable – so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Best of all, Bedphones can be purchased for a very reasonable price.

How Bedphones Are Shaped

Measuring less than Вј inch thick, Bedphones are soft little pillows for your ears. These ear-buds lay flat against your ears, and they come with a pliable wire that can be contoured to fit your unique ear shape. This innovative material ensures that your Bedphones will not slip out of your ears while you are tossing and turning.

You can use Bedphones with any portable device that includes a standard headphone jack. So, your iPhone, iPad, or E-reader will work well with a new set of Bedphones. Just think, you can listen to music while you sleep or listen to a lecture in the hopes that your subconscious will absorb all of those important details.

Inside the Bedphones Box

Bedphones designer Eric Dubs wants you to get a good night’s sleep. That’s why Dubs has included a soft and silky eye mask with every purchase of Bedphones. You’ll also get a hard travel case that you can use to take your Bedphones anywhere you go. After all, it’s hard to get any sleep while traveling unless you have some kind of comforting noise to chase all of those bad dreams away!

As I mentioned before, one of the best things about Bedphones is the price. You can buy your own Bedphones, silky mask, and traveling case for just $29.95. What’s even better is that right now Dubs is offering free shipping on any Bedphones order. So, all you have to pay is $29.95 – no gimmicks attached.

Bedphones for Android

Being a developer, Dubs has created a free Android app for Bedphones users. This app includes various music modes such as a sleep timer and a “smart mode” that turns your phone off when you fall asleep. This app will ensure a peaceful and restful sleep. If you purchase a pair of Bedphones and download the Bedphones app, you’ll be sleeping like a champ in no time.

Sorry iPhone users, Dubs has decided to go the cooler and hipper Android route. There’s no Bedphones app for iPhone at the time of this writing. Thankfully, there are lots of other iPhone apps that you can use while listening to your Bedphones. Many of these apps include sleep modes and timers, so you don’t have to worry about waking up to loud noise. The next time you stay up all night long without a minute of sleep, think about Bedphones: the headphones that help you catch you Z’s.