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Think you have to buy a dock to stream wirelessly? Not anymore. Docks are largely passГ© these days. In the place of expensive docks are inexpensive devices that connect simply to any stereo, allowing you to stream wirelessly to your heart’s content. One of the best options in this category is the Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver.

Why the Belkin Bluetooth Receiver Is So Great

First, you can purchase this receiver for under $30. That price is a heck of a lot cheaper than any dock or speaker out there. But, there’s more to this receiver than price alone. The Belkin Bluetooth Receiver is really easy to set up. This is a huge bonus considering that most speakers and speaker devices can be more than a tad complicated when it comes to configuring. It only takes a few minutes to get this receiver up and running. User ease is always a top priority in my book.

Not only is the setup easy, but this receiver also connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device. So, if you want to stream from your laptop, tablet, smartphone, you can do so quite simply. There are a few drawbacks to this receiver, however, and one of those drawbacks has to do with sound quality.

Sound Quality Is Mediocre

If you want a receiver that lets you enjoy simple access to your tunes, this is a good choice. If you are a serious audiophile and you want something that will knock your socks off, this might not be the speaker device for you. Since the Belkin Receiver is wireless, you can expect the sound quality of this device to be diminished slightly. However, this is to be expected with all wireless devices. How bad is the sound? Not bad at all; but not as good as, say, a brand new speaker system with amazing bass.

The other drawback is that while this device is wireless, it does have to be connected, or wired, to a stereo system in order to work. The wireless part here is the connection between your Bluetooth device and the receiver, not between the receiver and your stereo. So, keep this connectivity demand in mind when considering purchasing the Belkin receiver. Other than these two drawbacks, this receiver is a great buy.

Where to Purchase the Belkin Receiver

Have you ever noticed that local retail shops rarely carry the best and newest devices? Well, don’t expect to find this receiver at your local electronics store (unless you’re lucky!). However, you can find the Belkin Receiver in the Apple Store, on Amazon, and on various other websites. Make sure to shop around, since some shops are pricing this receiver higher than others. You should be able to purchase the Belkin Bluetooth Receiver for less than $30, though.

If you’re looking for a way to stream tunes from your Bluetooth device, don’t want to purchase a dock (or your device will no longer fit the dock you have), and want a cheap way to stream music, the Belkin Bluetooth Receiver is a good choice.