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  • Bang and Olufsen's New Wooden Music Player
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Bang and Olufsen has a new music player out that’s kind of fun to play with. Since it is Bang and Olufsen, great sound is guaranteed, but that’s not what’s extraordinary about the BeoSound Moment. The Moment comes with a wooden interface that’s also a touch interface, and it’s the first of it’s kind.

BeoSound Moment’s Design

The whole music player is approximately the size of a tablet, and it has two distinct sides. One one side is a wooden panel that’s made from real oak. The oak side includes a depressed area (slightly, but not so much that it detracts from the sleek oak covering) with hidden controls underneath the oak. When touching that area in the right place, you can control things like volume and music function. There are twelve different controls in total underneath the wooden panel.

On the other side of the BeoSound Moment is a touchscreen that looks a lot like tablet touchscreens you’re probably used to. The screen displays album cover art, and underneath the screen is a control circle that lets you control your sound and music. The other really cool thing about the touchscreen is that it displays something called a “Mood Wheel.” The Mood Wheel displays various colors according to the type (or mood) of music that you’re listening to, and tapping on similar or different colors will result in a change of music.

The touchscreen side of this device is slick and easy to use as is the wooden side, which is the side that you’ll probably want to display for the sake of looks.

Music Options

Bang and Olufsen doesn’t leave anything out when it comes to music connectivity options either. With the BeoSound Moment, you can use your iPhone, stream via Bluetooth, or use a MP3 player to connect with the device. As far as sound goes, the BeoSound Moment does stream some spectacular sound, which can be expected given the Bang and Olufsen name. Still, the music coming from the machine is digital, so don’t expect that rich analogue sound you might get from records or cassettes (which are both highly in demand with true audiophiles seeking the best sound).

I’d say that this music player is a good option if you want something casual to place in your home, and use when you do want to stream digital music. But, that recommendation may be somewhat unrealistic due to the device’s price tag. At $2,795, those that do choose this player will likely make it the main source of music in a home, and it’s not something that you’ll want to bring to, say, the beach.

Where to Get It

If you are after that Bang and Olufsen sound, and you’re okay with the price tag, the BeoSound Moment can be purchased through the company’s website. You can also find the Moment at certain high end audio stores. While it’s not cheap, it is a unique music player that keeps design at the forefront - if that’s what’s important to you.