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  • 4 Of The Best Bluetooth Speakers
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Bluetooth speakers are a popular choice. Bluetooth gives you all the connectivity options available without breaking the bank. Bluetooth speakers are also highly versatile, and are a great way to spread sound throughout a home.

Even though you won't get the same sound from a Bluetooth speaker that you'll get from a connected speaker, this sound difference is hardly detectable to most people. Here are five of the best Bluetooth options on the current market.

Jawbone Big Jambox

Jawbone has been doing some great things. The Big Jambox is no exception to the Jawbone awesomeness rule, either. I love the fact that this speaker can be blast at very high volumes without an ounce of distortion. The Big Jambox also has an integrated, rechargeable, battery that lasts a decent amount of time. Jawbone also put a lot of thought into the overall design of the Big Jambox, and the whole thing just combines to create an impressive package.

Drawbacks here include a somewhat hefty speaker and the price tag. The Big Jawbone Jambox retails for $249, and that's more than most people want to pay for a Bluetooth speaker option. If you can get past the price, though, this Bluetooth speaker is a great buy.

Soundfreaq Sound Kick SFQ-04

I chose to put this Bluetooth option on the list because it has a reasonable price tag. At $99.99, the Soundfreaq Sound Kick is affordable and has decent sound too. The Sound Kick also comes with USB connectivity; 7-hours of play time (rechargeable battery); and amazingly loud sound.

Drawbacks here include a bass stand that's somewhat awkward; a lack of speakerphone; and the overall size of the speaker, which is just slightly bigger than others in its class. But, it is really hard to beat the $99.99 price tag that comes with the Sound Kick.

Bose Soundlink Blue Tooth Mobile Speaker

Bose usually puts out speakers with classic lines, but the Soundlink Blue Tooth mobile speaker is different. This speaker reminds me of an old 1980s radio, and I'm not a huge fan of the retro design. That said, this is a Bose speaker, so you can expect great sound quality for $299. The Soundlink also comes with various covers that can be swapped, and a rechargeable battery.

Drawback-wise, the Soundlink doesn't have excellent battery life, doesn't include a speakerphone option, and is really on the pricey side. At $299, you will be paying for the Bose name.

Tivoli Pal BT

Tivoli has been in the portable speaker game for many years, though the company has recently been overshadowed by Jawbone and other companies. Recently, Tivoli put out the Pal BT. This version of the Pal comes with Bluetooth stereo streaming; AM/FM options; 16-hours of battery life; and amazing sound. Tivoli also puts a lot of effort into design, and this speaker looks as good as you'd want it to.

The Tivoli retails for $299, which is definitely in the high-end price range, but few drawbacks exist here. The only real drawback is the sound that you get with Bluetooth, but, as mentioned, the sound difference between Bluetooth speakers and connected speakers is really hard to detect.