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  • Best Speaker Wires

A large debate has been brewing in the world of speaker wires for some time now. Many people believe that quality speaker wires make a large sound difference. Others believe that inexpensive wires are just as good as high priced wires. Both sides of this debate include various valid points. Whether an expensive wire will change the way your system performs is unknown. However, some wires are constructed better than others.
Note: All prices listed were accurate at the time of this writing.

Audience – Maestro Loudspeaker Cables -- $300 to $500

Audience Maestro speaker cables are a good buy for the price. Solidly constructed and equipped with banana plug terminations, these wires are an ideal buy. The inside of the Audience Maestro speakers are gold plated with beryllium copper underneath. The outsides of the Audience Maestro cables are wrapped in soft PVC. Connecting these wires to most systems will produce optimal sound. The main drawback of Audience Maestro speaker cable rigidity. These cables do not bend well, which may make it difficult to set up an unusually placed system.

Monster XOCIBIG100 Feet Speaker Cable -- $59+

Monster wire has been a prized name within the cable world for many years. Monster’s XOCIBIG100 Feet Speaker Cable easily lives up to Monster’s stellar reputation. Unlike many competing cables, Monster has made this speaker cable easy to install. In addition, these cables produce natural sound, which is channelled through a magnetic flux tube. Monster also took user safety into consideration when covering this cable with a CL3 jacket. The only drawback to the BIG100 Feet Speaker Cable is its thickness. Users may find it hard to conceal this wire without creating a large under-carpet bump or eye-sore.

Monoprice 12AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Loud Speaker Cable -- $15+

The Monoprice 12AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Loud Speaker Cable is a budget cable that’s comparable to high-end cables. Surprisingly, this cable has a thick gauge (12) and a CL2 rating (ideal for in-wall placement). In addition, this Monoprice cable is made from oxygen free copper, which is usually only found inside of more expensive cables. It’s also refreshing to note that Monoprice does not make any false claims regarding this cable. The Monoprice 12AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Loud Speaker Cable is an excellent purchase for any sound system.

Belkin PureAV AV2300 Speaker Cable -- $20+

Belkin PureAV AV2300 Speaker Cables were designed intelligently. Boasting 99.99% pure copper conductors and a flat layout, this cable is ideal for any system. Another appealing aspect of the Belkin PureAV cable is installation ease. Unlike other (more expensive) wires, this cable is simple to install. Users will not have to re-route anything in order to make this cable work, and running this wire up a wall or underneath a carpet is a cinch. Sound-wise, most people will be hard-pressed to see any sound difference between this cable and a pricier brand. In fact, the Belkin PureAV AV2300 Speaker Cable gives higher-end brands some very stiff competition.