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  • 5 Awesome Tech Gifts

Are you a procrastinator? Did you leave buying a Christmas gift until the very last minute? Are you reading this article right now because you desperately need ideas? Well, I have you covered (I hope!).

Here are some awesome tech gifts that you can pick up at the last minute.

1. Apple TV: you really can't go wrong with an Apple TV if you are buying a gift for someone that's all about Apple. You know, the type of person that has an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and happy Apple logos all over their car. That person needs, craves, wants an Apple TV. Plus, Apple TVs are only $89, so you can head to your nearest electronics store, wrap it up, and get back to doing whatever stopped you from already having a gift to begin with.

2. Sony MDR-056 headphones: love the look of those heavy-duty headphones but don't want to shell out hundreds on a gift for an audiophile? The Sony MDR-056 headphones are a great option. These headphones have great sound, lots of looks, and guess what? You'll only pay $80!

3. FitBit Flex: got an avid exerciser on your list? There are a ton of different activity bracelets on the market, but the FitBit gets some of the highest marks. This tracker keeps tabs on your sleep, steps, and calorie intake - all vital parts of losing weight. How much will the FitBit Flex cost you? Around $96

4. Slingbox 500: buying for someone that travels a lot? The Slingbox streams content from a TV or DVR to a PC. So, that person that's never home won't miss favorite shows. With WiFi and HDMI support, the Slingbox 500 is a compact and wireless way to watch shows no matter where you are. Price? Around $270

5. Nest Thermostat: maybe a thermostat isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but it all depends on who you're buying it for, right? The Nest thermostat keeps heating and cooling preferences in mind, and as the Nest learns what you like (and how you like it), you can rest assured that you'll never have to mess with heating or cooling programming ever again. You will pay a high price for this device, though, at $250.

Some Additional Thoughts

Gamers will love the new PlayStation or Xbox One; you can't go wrong with Highlanders toys for kids; and anyone that doesn't have a tablet already needs to get one for Christmas. There are lots of tech toys out there, and the good thing about tech toys is that most stores overstock, so you don't have to worry about not getting what you want.

What will you buy? Get out there and pick up that gift now! You only have a few days left! If I've missed a gift that you think should be on this list, let me know. Got another tech gift in mind that people can snag right now? You know, something that doesn't have to be ordered? let me know below!