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  • Best Back to School or Work Tech Picks
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The fall season is fast approaching, and that means a lot of people will be expecting new tech. It also means that some savvy shoppers will be looking for cheaper tech to bring back to school, or back to the office after an extended break.

While there will be lots of new devices and gadgets on the market in September that can easily bust your bank account, there are also a ton of really great and affordable devices already on the market that will make great fall purchases.

Here are some of my favorite, and inexpensive, best devices picks.

1. Dlink Amplify Whole Home Router 1000: this is pretty much the router you want if you’re moving, going to school, or doing anything that requires a powerful router option. You can purchase the Amplify Whole Home Router for around $40, and it does a great job.

2. The Jawbone Fitness Tracker (Up24): there are an absolute ton of fitness trackers on the market right now – in fact, Apple has pretty much built its accessory-based future on the fitness tracking trend. But, I like the UP24 Jawbone Fitness Tracker. Why?

This tracker works with either iOS or Android, and it’s perfectly capable of recording your sleep patterns, fitness habits, and you can hook it up, so that you can chat with friends through a social-type network. All of this comes with a $240 price tag – a slightly high price, but I’m predicting that price will drop in the near future.

3. Nintendo 3DS XL: it’s portable, you can play in either 2D or 3D, and it comes with a plethora of unique games. You can pick up a 3DS XL for around $175.

4. The Borderlands Pre-Sequel: if you are a gamer (or want to buy a gift for a gamer) that loves Borderlands 2, you have to purchase the Pre-Sequel. This game will arrive on shelves on October 14, and it will retail for around $60.

5. Nikon Coolpix L830: with a 34x zoo lens, great video, and tilting LCD, the Nikon Coolpix L830 is an optimal camera to purchase if you want to snap photos, take videos, or just have a really reliable and durable camera to bring with you wherever you go. This camera retails for $196, which is bad either.

6. Kindle Fire HDX: by now, you probably know all about the Kindle Fire HDX. This tablet is great for games and video, and you will also get access to Amazon’s Prime rewards and benefits. The Kindle Fire HDX is ready to roll at $168

What Tech to Get

If you are heading back to school, and you aren’t sure what tech to purchase, a good way to figure this out is to buy the devices and gadgets that make the most sense. You may want a tablet and a camera, but you may not need gaming stuff until later in the year – plus, there are bound to be some new releases in September, so keep your eyes out for those updates.

If you’re buying a gift for a student, think in terms of practicality – what would you want to have? With this list, though, it’s pretty hard to go wrong.