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  • Logitech's New Universal Remotes
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Earlier this year, Logitech announced that the company would be shutting down the Harmony division. Today, the company announced two new Harmony universal remote controls. It seems like Logitech is giving the Harmony division another go, after all.

The Harmony Ultimate and the Harmony Smart Control are the newest remotes to join Logitech's lineup. These remotes were created to work flawlessly with Logitech's newly created Harmony Hub. This means that both remotes can connect to your home entertainment system.

The Harmony Ultimate Universal Remote

Logitech is billing this remote as the best one the company has ever built. With this universal remote option, you will get a 2.4-inch color touchscreen, support for Hue LED lightbulbs manufactured by Philips (allowing you to control room lighting and various devices), and the ability to control up to 15 different devices through the magic of touch. The Harmony Smart Control is also worth looking at if you are searching for a universal remote.

The Harmony Smart Control Universal Remote

Logitech is billing the Smart Control remote as a two-in-one deal. With the Smart Control, Logitech is offering an app package that lets users download an app that will turn a smartphone (iOS or Android) into a remote. Additionally, the Smart Control remote acts like a standard universal remote option.

With the Smart Control remote, you can control up to 8 different devices. This remote doesn't include a touchscreen, but that's why Logitech is offering the app package that goes with the remote. Which one should you choose? It really depends on whether or not you want to use your phone as a remote double, since this is the real appeal of the Smart Remote. Not interested in using your phone? Stick with the Harmony option.

Pricing and Availability Details

Logitech's new Harmony Ultimate Universal Remote will retail for $349.99. The Smart Remote will retail for $129.99. You'll find both remotes in European and North American markets this coming May, and both remotes should be available in all major retail stores. While these remotes are priced slightly on the high side, there's another concern that is worth mentioning.

Logitech has toyed with the idea of ditching the Harmony line altogether. This may mean that the app that comes with the Smart Remote might be obsolete if the company does actually scrap the Harmony line. Further, support for these remotes might not be available in the future, so sinking $400 into a remote that's soon to come without any company support might not be the best idea.


On the flip side, it's clear that Logitech hasn't given up on the Harmony line just yet. The company hasn't released an official press release or statement about the Harmony line, but I'd be slightly wary of purchasing one of these just yet.

It's also worth pointing out that Logitech's universal remotes tend to have decent reviews, and the company does make good products, typically. From first looks, both of these remotes seem to be put together well, and appear to be worth the price -- were it not for that small caution listed above.