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  • Best Wireless Speaker Systems
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Consumers have been questing for true wireless speakers for many years now. Various companies manufacture wireless speakers, though most of these systems still come with some wires. Out of the many wireless systems available, a few are better than the rest. A good wireless system should include minimal wires, great sound quality, and user-friendliness. Price-wise, wireless speaker systems range from $150 to $600+.
Note: All prices listed in this document were accurate at the time of this writing.

Griffin Evolve -- $300+

The Griffin Evolve is an iPod docking system and wireless speaker system in one. The Evolve’s speakers easily detach for wireless entertainment. Users can place the wireless speakers in any location (up to 150 feet away from the dock) for optimal listening enjoyment. The Evolve speakers run on rechargeable ion lithium batteries that can be easily recharged after approximately 10 hours of usage. Griffin has also included a line-in support option for users who do not have an iPod. This option allows users to connect nearly any stereo system to the device for wireless speaker usage.
The main problem with the Griffin Evolve is battery life. While ion lithium batteries tend to last for three to four years, it will become impossible to recharge these batteries after a certain amount of time. Since Griffin has not made it possible to replace the batteries inside of this device, users will have no option but to replace the entire device after a few years. However, there is a possibility that Griffin will fix this problem within the near future. As far as sound quality goes, the Griffin Evolve projects decent sound that is comparable to many other wireless systems. All-around, the Griffin Evolve is a good and versatile wireless speaker system.

KEF Universal Wireless System – $600

Simple and effective, the KEF Universal Wireless System is an all-around decent wireless speaker system. This system includes a transmitter, an AV receiver, and twin receivers that were meant to be placed in the back of an entertainment room. KEF has made this system user-friendly by incorporating effortless installation. As with most other wireless speaker systems, the main drawback to the KEF Universal is an abundance of wires.

All three speakers that are included in the KEF Universal system require some wiring. Thus, users looking for a system that doesn’t include any wires will not find the KEF Universal system appealing. However, nearly every wireless system on the market does come with a set of wires. For sound quality alone, the high price of this KEF system is worth every penny.

Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear Speaker Kit -- $190+

Users who currently have wires running from a sound system to the back of a room will appreciate the Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear Speaker Kit. This kit was mean to eliminate rear speaker wires by providing users with a wireless solution. A small transmitter that comes with the Rocketfish kit can be plugged directly into an amplifier. The installation of the transmitter will send a wireless signal to the Rocketfish rear speakers. Plugging the Rocketfish receiver into the two rear speakers completes this kit.
Drawbacks to the Rocketfish system include wireless interference from regular household items (phones, microwaves), and a lack of remote control. The system can be turned on and off manually, though this may be difficult depending on the location of the receiver. Likewise, sound settings must be set in advance, and these settings can only be changed manually. For users looking to replace rear speaker wires, the Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear Speaker Kit does exactly what it was meant to do.