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  • The BIG Jawbone Jambox

You remember the Jawbone Jambox, right? Jawbone created the Jambox just last year, and this miniature speaker meets speakerphone exploded onto the audio scene. Well, now Jawbone has gone one step further with the Jambox. The new Jawbone Jambox isn’t small, it’s big – and the sound coming from the grown up version of the Jambox is impressive.

The new big Jambox looks a lot like the older, smaller, one. You’ll still find Jawbone’s basic brick shape and design, but this Jambox is clearly going after a different target (one that is all about the sound). What else has Jawbone packed into the bigger version of the Jambox? Here’s a review of what you’ll find inside of Jawbone’s latest creation.

Overall Performance

No matter how innovative the design of a speaker is, a speaker is insignificant if it doesn’t perform well. On the performance side of things, the new Jambox is a nice alternative to more expensive speakers in its class. When tested, the new Jambox did have nice overall sound and just a tiny bit of distortion when heavy bass was pumped through the box, but nothing that should deter you from checking out what this speaker can do. As far as speakerphone quality goes, the Jambox performed decently when hooked up to an iPhone, and this speaker will make a great conference call tool for those who are searching.

Design and Other Features

As mentioned, the new Jambox looks just like the old one, only a lot bigger. If you place the older Jambox next to the new one, you’ll see just how great this speaker looks. While Jawbone didn’t move away from the innovative and interesting brick design, the new Jambox does include some things that the smaller version doesn’t have. First, this version of the Jambox weighs 3.2 pounds -- it also greatly outsizes the old Jambox measuring 3.6x10.1x3.2-inches (compared to the previous 6.0 version).

Just like the 6.0 version, this Jambox is protected by rubber on either side of the speaker and surrounded by protective metal. You can also choose from an array of colors (really an important detail) including white, red, and black. Of course, the Jambox is Bluetooth compatible and comes with a microUSB port. The whole point of the Jambox is to connect wirelessly to a number of devices, and this is made simple with the newest Jambox, which automatically assumes that you will be connecting a tablet or phone or other device (setting up this connectivity is as simple as following basic instructions). As soon as you have hooked up one device, you can add a number of different devices to the mix – really, quite easy to do.

As far as pricing goes, Jawbone has priced the new Jambox at $299.99, which, yes, is more expensive than the smaller $199.99 version, but this is a bigger speaker, after all, so take that bit of information into consideration. If you’re in the market for a really good speaker that performs well and looks great, make sure to consider the big Jawbone Jambox.