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  • Should You Give Bing More Importance?
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If a search engine could talk, Bing might say: "Google, Google, Google. It's all about Google, all the time!" But, maybe it should be all about Bing. Klout (the social ranking service) and Bing are teaming up to bring a new kind of answer to commonly searched for questions.

Klout is asking its users to share opinions and answers to questions about certain topics. If you are deemed an expert in your field, Klout may ask your opinion about one topic or another. The answers to these questions will then be gathered up and sent to the top of Bing search results.

A New Kind of Query Search

Search engines have long struggled with the best way to answer commonly asked questions. The new Klout crowdsourced model provides Bing searchers with information that's coming from experts, and some might deem these responses more reliable than answers that are randomly generated by search engines.

This new answer ecosystem brings a whole different level of focus to Klout -- a company that Microsoft invested in last year. If the average person sees Klout-based expert answers as being reliable, Bing may just succeed in stealing some of Google's marketshare. Bing users can also vote on Klout answers, and the best answers will rise to the top of Bing.

Right now, Google definitely controls the search engine scene, but that might change if Klout and Bing are successful in this venture.

Can Klout Make The Switch?

Not only is Bing aiming for some more search engine users, but Klout is on the line here too. When Klout first entered the social scene, the company was uber important. Now, though, Klout's, well, clout, has somewhat fizzled out. This isn't the first foray Klout has taken into the content world, though.

A short while ago, those who still use Klout were asked to answer questions when logging into the Klout platform. Klout set up questions that were waiting for certain users upon login. Seemingly, Klout was gearing up for a test run. Now that the Klout/Bing project is officially in full gear, it will be interesting to see how search engine users respond to the new project.

Switching Over to Bing

Microsoft (behind Bing) has been trying to steal users away from Google for some time now. But, Google still remains at the top of the search engine scene. I'm not entirely convinced that a few expert answers from Klout users will do the trick, but some might see what Bing has to offer based on these new expert answers. Would you switch over the Bing based on the new Klout/Bing venture? Or, is Klout really over with?

Right now, it's hard to tell what will happen here. Revving up the search engine competition would be nice (especially for those of use who constantly focus on pleasing Google with content!), but Bing might need more than an investment in Klout to succeed. The new service is currently running, so check out your Klout profile to take part in expert answers.