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For quite awhile, the world only knew Google Maps. Then, along came Bing. Bing promised faster and better maps, but Bing doesn’t always deliver on this promise. While there’s no shortage of advertising surrounding Bing, sometimes Bing Maps just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s not that Bing Maps doesn’t try, it more that Bing is just too new to count at this time.

For all intensive purposes, Bing and Google Maps will get you where you want to go, though you may have a harder time getting there with Bing. As you’ll quickly find out, Bing just doesn’t have the map thing down. If you’ve been wondering whether Google Maps or Bing Maps is more your speed, this is the article for you.

Please Note: all information included in this article was accurate at the time of this writing. It is possible that neither Google Maps or Bing Maps currently exists. It is also possible that these two mapping programs have changed drastically. Please keep this in mind while reading through the following article.

Map Data

When it comes to maps, the most important thing is data accuracy. Otherwise, you could be looking for streets that no longer exist. GPS tracking devices rely on updated data, otherwise nobody would use a GPS tracking device. The same is true for Internet mapping programs.

Unfortunately, Bing hasn’t quite grasped the importance of data accuracy quite yet. You’ll find that Bing maps can be a bit outdated, and this may cause some issues. Google, on the other hand, makes sure that its maps are kept up to speed at all times.

3D Support

You don’t have to view a map in 3D. In fact, 3D isn’t really necessary at all. Still, it does exist, and you may have to view a 3D map some day. When that day comes, you’ll want to stick by Google Map’s side. Google gets that you are in a hurry, which is why you don’t need a plug-in to download or use a Google 3D map.

Once again, Bing misses the mark when it comes to 3D mapping. 3D maps are available through Bing, but you’ll have to pause and download a plug-in if you want to view these topographical wonders.

Words vs. Viewing Detail

Perhaps the biggest problem with Bing Maps is that Bing likes words. Words are great, but words don’t always work where maps are concerned. If you like samples, you’ll find that Bing’s propensity towards words is disappointing. Google Maps presents users with plenty of samples.

Words are important, but Bing takes its text too far. After all, people who are looking for a simple map don’t want to get bogged down by words. Maps should be, in this writer’s opinion, quick, accurate, and viewable from every angle (even if that angle is of the 3D nature). Maps also need to be easy to read, which may not include a handful of unnecessary text. As such, Google Maps wins the map war.