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  • Biscotti: A New Way to Video Conference
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Video conferencing isn’t a new concept, but most devices that allow for this type of conferencing are overly complex. Not only do video conferencing devices come with lots of set up instructions, large user manuals, and complicated remotes, but getting these devices to work is something of a gamble. However, a new device aptly named “Biscotti” is about to change the way that we video conference.

Biscotti sits on top of your television, and allows you to accept incoming video phone calls right from the comfort of your couch. If someone you know has a Biscotti, video conferencing is simple. If not, other types of video conferencing methods (such as Google Voice) will work just as well. So, how do you set up this device, how much does it cost, where can you get it, and how well does it work? Here are the answers to your burning Biscotti questions.

Setting It Up

Biscotti comes with a very simple (five step) instruction pamphlet. All you really have to do is connect your cable box to the device and then connect the device to your television (HDMI In and Out). You also have to plug in the device, but that a no-brainer. Once the device has been set up, you can start to use Biscotti as much or as little as you want. How? Biscotti comes with a very simple remote (no more than five buttons).

When a call comes into your home, the name of the person who is calling will appear on your television screen. You can then choose to accept or decline the call. If you accept the call, the person who is trying to call you will show up on your screen. In addition, that person will be able to see you as well, so try not to get caught in your pajamas! Biscotti works very well, calls are seamless, set-up is a cinch, and using this device is altogether simple.

Cost and Availability

If you spend a lot of time on the phone, have a loved one who lives far away, or want to explore video conferencing for business purposes, a Biscotti might be the thing that you’re looking for. Not only is this device a great gadget to have, but it’s also extremely affordable at just $199.

For under $200, you can have a Biscotti – that’s a pretty good deal from where this reviewer is sitting.
How can you get a Biscotti? The best way to order this device is to visit the Biscotti website at http://www.biscotti.com/buy/biscotti-tv-phone.html/. This URL should bring you directly to an ordering page where you can check out the device in all its beauty.

Speaking of beauty, the Biscotti is so small that it can sit on top of your television undetected, though it does have a sleek design to it, so you may not want to hide it after all. How small is small? Essentially, the Biscotti is the size of a, well, biscotti. As you can tell, this device was properly name (it even resembles the famous Italian cookie). If you want to give video conferencing a try, Biscotti is the best device available on the market right now.