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  • BitTorrent's Server-Less Messenging Service
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BitTorrent is working on a messaging client. What's the big deal? This messaging client will be server-less. That's right, BitTorrent's newest messaging client won't rely on any kind of server, so all messages sent through the client won't be traceable. See what the big deal is now?

The New BitTorrent Technology

All messages that will be sent through the new BitTorrent messaging system will be encrypted, but nothing will be stored on a server. For now, the company also plans to keep the new messaging client free and unlimited, but this may change in the future. Still, this is a messaging system that is the first of its kind, and it's also one that many people will definitely want to use give the recent happenings with the NSA.

There's just one thing, though: in order to sign up for the beta version of the new client, you have to provide BitTorrent with your email address. That means that the fact that you signed up for the service is, in fact, traceable. That fact aside, this client will prove to be useful to many, and it's not the first attempt at dodging authorities that has been made over the past week.

In Addition to McAfee

Just yesterday, it was posted on this blog that John McAfee is devising a secure network that will be untraceable to authorities. Now, BitTorrent is heading in the same direction. What gives? Clearly, people want a way to communicate online that doesn't involve any kind of government tampering. It looks like a new niche market may be opening up when it comes to secure messaging and communicating through the Internet.

It would be nice, though, if BitTorrent could tell the press more about the new chat client. Right now, company reps have related to CNet that the client will use a decentralized angle to provide chatters with a secure way to send messages back and forth without the use or help of any service.

BitTorrent will use methods similar to those used for the company's original peer-to-peer sharing service, if that gives you any idea of how this messaging system will work.

How to Sign Up

If you like the idea of a secure messaging service through BitTorrent (the company claims that it is secure, any way), you can sign up for the beta version of this through the BitTorrent site - do keep in mind that you have to sign up using your email account.

Whether or not BitTorrent's messaging system is as secure as the company claims has yet to be seen. For now, we will have to trust what the company has said, or not use the client until more information can be provided.

In any case, it's really interesting to see various companies moving in the anti-NSA direction. The question now is: will the government shut down BitTorrent's new messaging service in addition to putting a cap on what McAfee is cooking up?

Would you use this client? Does it look safe and secure, or are you wary?