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Research In Motion (RIM) has been in a bit of a jam lately. Stock in the company has plummeted, and many were sure that the Canadian company would go under. RIM is the creator of the once popular Blackberry device. Left behind when Android and iPhone entered the picture, rumor has it that RIM is about to make a comeback.

RIM has recently announced that it plans to release new Blackberry phones. Those who have held tightly to their Blackberry phones are now rejoicing, but the thrones of people who once loved the small black device is not quite as large as it used to be. The question now is: does Blackberry still stand a chance or is it too late?

The “New” Blackberry Phone Lineup

The reason why we put the word “new” in quotes is that the seven new phones Blackberry is set to release aren’t entirely new. They are, instead, more like updated versions of old Blackberry phones. If you’re still wondering what RIM has planned for its updated lineup, here’s a sneak peek.

The new Blackberry Torch 9810 will have a sliding keyboard; the Bold 9900/9930 will have a full keyboard and touchscreen; and the Torch 9850/9860 and Curve 9350/9360 will have full-touchscreens. If you’re not compelled to run out and buy one of these new phones as soon as they are released (beginning in May), we don’t blame you. RIM is trying to stay in the smartphone business, but these new phones are nothing more than a pretty distraction.

To be fair, the company had to do something to gain attention once more, we’re just not sure that this was the best move. Instead, RIM might have given the public more information about QNX. For months now, Blackberry has been hinting at QNX releases, but we’ve yet to see anything substantial come out of the RIM mouth.

Is It Enough?

Now that the new Blackberry lineup has been released, one has to wonder if these upcoming smartphones will be enough to entice new users and regain the interest of old users. RIM has a lot of work to do when it comes to being on par with iPhone and a number of appealing Android phones.

Aside from working on a whole new smartphone lineup, RIM has been attempting to appeal to various carriers. As Google and Apple corner the cell phone market, various carriers have begun to worry about putting their eggs in these giant baskets. For many carriers, RIM can save the day, provide stability, and show Google and Apple that competition exists. In short, a number of carriers just might help RIM gain a smartphone standing once more.

Is All Well At RIM?

Rumor has it that RIM’s executives are at a standstill. Some former employees claim that the company can’t move forward quickly with minute decisions. How then is RIM supposed to take down the Apple and Google gods? We don’t want to brush RIM off completely.

After all, the company did manage to cause a smartphone craze once upon a time. But, we do want RIM to step up to the plate, let the public know what’s happening, and stop trying to distract us with old smartphones masquerading as new next generation options.