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  • Blockbuster On Demand: A Pay-As-You-Go Streaming App
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Blockbuster On Demand is the movie app that you may not have heard about yet. This iOS app was developed by Blockbuster - yes, the video rental company that once ruled the mini-mall - and offers users a way to pay-as-you-go for movies and shows.

Blockbuster On Demand has some very stiff competition from Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu (amongst others), but it also offers a new payment format that users love. Because of that format, Blockbuster On Demand is something that you'll want to take a closer look at.

In Comparison to HBO

I love HBO. But, I have to subscribe to the channel in order to get content from HBO. That means a monthly subscription that I don't want to pay (but begrudgingly still do). Blockbuster On Demand, in comparison, doesn't require users to purchase a monthly membership or yearly package. Instead, this app lets you choose movies as you go. This pay-as-you-go format makes getting the content you want to watch more affordable.

Blockbuster states that content from this app comes with no contracts, cancellation fees, or other payment policies. In short, there are no strings attached when you purchase content from this app. You can now stream Blockbuster On Demand movies from your Roku player, too. You can't get shows with Blockbuster On Demand, though, so you'll still need that Netflix or HBO contract. As far as movies go, however, Blockbuster On Demand is a good option.

How It Differs from iTunes Content

The main difference between Blockbuster On Demand and iTunes content is that Blockbuster On Demand content can also be viewed on your PC, Mac, Samsung Smart TV, Roku Player, iDevice, and Android device. So, that's how Blockbuster On Demand is unique. Blockbuster On Demand also offers instant streaming on any device, so you don't have to wait for a show to load.

Dish purchased Blockbuster some years ago, and the company has been trying to figure out what to do with its purchase since then. Blockbuster On Demand is the app that Dish has come up with using the Blockbuster name, and it's really an app that you should check out. Unfortunately, though, some people are already disregarding Blockbuster On Demand due to the negative connotation attached to the Blockbuster name.

Where to Find it

Check out the Blockbuster On Demand app through the Apple iTunes store, Google Play market, or through your Roku streaming device (also available through the app's main website). Again, there are no fees attached to the use of this app, and movies are as affordable as they are on a device like iTunes.

Blockbuster On Demand offers great movie selections, low prices, streaming quality, and plenty of content. If you are looking for an alternative to a monthly payment option, Blockbuster On Demand is one way to go. Don't be fooled by the Blockbuster name here, either, this app is full of great movie selections. What do you think of Blockbuster's newest app? Is this app a good Netflix or Hulu competitor?