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  • The Blue Lola Headphones
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If you’re looking for a new set of headphones, there are no shortages of options out there. You can literally find everything that you are looking for (okay, maybe not entirely literally but close).

Still there’s room for innovation in the headphone sphere, and this is where microphone company Blue comes into play.

Second Time’s a Charm

You might have heard of Blue headphones once before, and that’s because this company created some headphones back in 2014 that were supposed to be the best headphones at the time, but Blue fell short then.

Now, the company is back with a set that they’ve named ‘Lola.’ The Lola headphones look a lot like the previous headphones as far as weight, design, and feel go, but some might find these headphones to have a more refined look.

In fact, if you like headphones that come with a strange or just unique design, the Lola headphones are for you. These aren’t your typical cans, so you will stick out when you wear them. Aside from design, though, the Lola headphones by Blue have a lot to offer elsewhere.


The Lola headphones give off great sound. Bass is bright and just “there” when you need it to be, and you’ll also get an all around sound that’s really quite astounding given the company’s history when it comes to creating headphones. Then again, Blue does make microphones, so sound is kind of something that the company does and does well.


Aside from sound, which is the most important quality of any headphones, fit is also important. Blue has taken the fit of the Lola headphones into consideration as well. The earpieces shift up and down easily for a great overall fit, which is nice considering that everyone has a different set of ears (it’s annoying when headphones don’t adjust!).


Headphones also have to be lightweight, since most people will wear headphones around town and to places like the gym. The Lola headphones are lightweight, so you can transport them easily enough. But, they could also be slightly lighter, and you will find other cans out there that beat Blue’s latest addition to the headphone market where weight is concerned.

Are These For You?

It completely depends on your personal style when it comes to headphones like these. For some, the funky design is the right style all around. For others, headphones like these come with a lot of attention, which may not be a great thing if you plan on wearing these headphones in the city or anywhere that you don’t want to grab too much attention.

The Lola headphones are lightweight, have great sound, and definitely don't look like Beats. If that's what you're after, check out the full specs for the Lola headphones on the Blue website, or find a store where these headphones are sold and give them a listen.