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  • The New Motorola Hint Isn't a Bluetooth Headset
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Would you wear a Bluetooth headset that was so small it could fit inside of your ear? The Moto Hint is such a thing. The Hint is about the size of an earbud, and it fits snugly inside of your ear, though Motorola doesn’t love the fact that people are calling it a Bluetooth headset because, well, we all remember those people that used to wear giant Bluetooth headsets, right? This one is different. Trust me. And it’s not just because it’s tiny.

The Hint Has Skills

You can do everything with the Hint that you can do with those old Bluetooth options. Things like make phone calls, etc. But, what the Hint also does is automatically switch between your phone and the earpiece, so that you never have to toggle manually. Picture this: you’re listening to someone talk on your phone. You pop the Hint in your ear. Suddenly, the Hint detects that it’s in your ear, and the call moves seamlessly from your phone to your ear - with absolutely no involvement from you.

See? I told you that this earbud was awesome. But, what should we call it if we aren’t supposed to call it a Bluetooth headset? Well, Motorola wants you to call it a “wireless earbud.” The company is trying to get rid of the negative impression that the very word “Bluetooth” leaves in people’s minds. I’m not so sure that Motorola will succeed in this task, but I do like the earpiece.

What It Works With

Keep in mind that the Hint is made by Motorola, so it’s no surprise that the earpiece will only work with a Motorola phone. But, if this one picks up, I won’t be shocked to see earbud sized earpieces created by other companies soon. Are we ready for a world where people talk to their ears once again? Maybe this time around the strangeness will be more tolerable if the earpiece is super tiny.

Then again, there was that whole span of time when people went around with massive and tacky Bluetooth headsets in their ears, and I’m not sure we’re past that stage yet. Either way, Motorola is set to sell the new earpieces this fall for around $149. Once again, you’ll need to have a Motorola phone to go with it, but the fact that this earpiece is so small might just target the market that Motorola is intending.

The Ideal Market

It seems pretty clear that Motorola is targeting the business crowd with this earpiece. I can think of a few business owners that would be more than happy to stick a small earpiece in their ear in order to make phone calls and not look like a Bluetooth jerk from the past. Plus, some of these earpieces come covered in a faux wood finish, which is so much more classy than the tacky plastic pieces that used to envelop Bluetooth tech.

If you are willing to pay around $150 for a small earpiece that acts just like the Bluetooth headset monstrosity you used to love, Motorola’s earpiece certainly has its merits.