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  • Boston Acoustics Compact Surround Sound
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The biggest problem with most commercial surround sound systems is size. Unless your living room resembles a concert hall, many large surround sound systems simply won’t cut it. Boston Acoustics has just created a compact 5.1 surround sound system that is truly impressive for the size. Each satellite speaker that comes with the system is approximately the size of a baseball. But that’s not the only thing that this system boasts.

Here at R-TT, we’re thoroughly impressed with this system from Boston Acoustics. The sound is great, the price is right, and the size and style of the whole system is ideal. If you’re in the market for a surround sound that’s compact and stylish, look no further than the Boston Acoustics SoundWare SX 5.1. As with any system, this Boston Acoustics set does have some drawbacks, but it’s the overall system package that really blows us away.


Aside from the size of the speakers, we really love the overall style of the SoundWare system. This system will blend nicely into any living room. Boston Acoustics covered the entire system in a matte gray finish, which really does look stylish and sleek. Even better, this system won’t go out of style quickly, which is often the case with systems that have larger speakers.

These compact baseball-sized speakers are ideal for any living room space. If you are looking for speakers that produce decent sound while also looking stylish, these are the speakers for you. The problem with a lot of modern speakers is that they are simply too modern. This isn’t the case with the SoundWare system.


The SoundWare system was made for movies. When listening to a dynamic movie, the SoundWare system really performs well. If you are after a surround sound system that will blow the roof off while listening to a movie, this is the definitely the system for you. There’s just one problem with this surround sound set: it’s not built for music.

Audiophiles will find that the SoundWare system lacks when it comes to musical highs and lows. Then again, this is to be expected from a system that has small satellite speakers. The SoundWare does combine a subwoofer with the satellites, but the sound can’t compare to large speaker systems.


For the average movie-watcher, the SoundWare system is ideal. You’ll hear all the action from blockbuster films. From every angle, this system does what it’s supposed to do with ease. However, audiophiles will want to choose a larger system. Now, let’s talk about price concerns. Price always plays into the picture when it comes to surround sound systems.

Most larger surround sound systems come with a very high price tag. The SoundWare system from Boston Acoustics comes with a $500 price tag. For a system that sounds great, is stylish, and incredible compact, a $500 price tag can’t be beat. If you’re in the market for a compact system that really rocks, the SoundWare from Boston Acoustics is worth looking at.