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  • This Bowers and Wilkins Speaker can replace your Old Sound System
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Wireless speakers are hardly ever all they’re cracked up to be. Has Bowers and Wilkins finally made a wireless option that does sound as good as your wired speaker system? The high-end manufacturer has been hard at work on a new Airplay wireless speaker that projects great sound and comes with plenty of excellent features. While the price for this speaker is high (around $800), it’s hard to put a price on a speaker that comes with both user ease and intense sound.

What the A7 Speaker Can Do

This speaker was built to work with iOS devices. To connect the A7 speaker, all you have to do is use your iOS device to hook it up to Apple’s Airplay. If you’ve ever used Airplay before, you know just how simple this process is. Once connected, the speaker can be easily controlled via iPhone or other iOS device. It’s also worth pointing out that the A7 can be connected to other Bowers and Wilkins speakers, so that you can, essentially, have an entire speaker system connected to Airplay throughout your home – talk about convenience!

As fat as sound specs go, the A7 comes with USB streaming, one 1.0 tweeter, 3.0 midrange, and 6.0 subwoofer; a 3.5mm Ethernet jack, USB 2.0 jack, and a body that’s compact enough to fit anywhere inside of your home. Not only is the A7 powerful, but the sound that comes from this speaker is really tough to beat.

Most of the time, wireless speakers aren’t so great when listening to music at a high volume or trying to pick up deep bass notes. But, this Bowers and Wilkins speaker is different. This speaker does sound every bit as great as most other high-end speakers on the market – mostly because it is a high-end speaker that has been developed by company with a great reputation.


$800 might seem like a lot to pay for a speaker. But, if you consider the cost of an actual home speaker system that doesn’t come with Airplay connectivity, $800 is really not a bad deal at all. Plus, as mentioned, you can purchase the A5 speaker from Bowers and Wilkins and create a complete home sound system. If you’re looking to buy yourself a great gift this holiday season, the A7 speaker from Bowers and Wilkins might just be worth a try.

You can find this speaker at specialty sound shops that carry high-end products. The A7 is also available through various online retailers. After conducting a quick search, I found that you can easily purchase a Bowers and Wilkins A7 speaker through an Internet retailer such as Amazon, and a few select other retailers that specialize in high-end sound.

I’d caution against purchasing a used A7 speaker unless the warranty is still valid. Otherwise, you may end up with a slightly discounted, but expensive, toy that doesn’t work as well as you might want it to. In the end, $800 is a lot of money, but it’s not a lot to spend on a complete sound system – and you’ll be hard-pressed to find another wireless Airplay option that compares to this one.