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  • BubblePod: Take Great Panoramic Shots
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Have you ever tried to capture a panorama shot using your smartphone? Even though the latest smartphones have panorama options, shaky hands and passerbys can make the best panorama shot terrible. A new device on the market called the 'BubblePod' aims to make panorama photos possible and simple.

Using the BubblePod

The BubblePod is a small device that sits in nearly any location snugly and securely. By sliding your phone into the available slot, you can set up any panorama shot easily. The BubblePod's clamp holds onto any smartphone model nicely, too, so this isn't an iPhone or specific Android phone device.

To shoot a panoramic shot, simply wind up the BubblePod (like a kitchen timer), and push the rotating button. From there, the pod will rotate in that desirable 360 degree way, and your shot will happen quickly. What about slippage and other possible problems? This device was designed intelligently, and that means that the BubblePod is backed by a rubberized surface. This surface keeps the pod from slipping no matter where you place it.

Additional Features

Not only does the BubblePod rotate on its own, but this device includes a standard tripod mount. So, you can simply attach the pod to a tripod to shoot panoramic shots. No tripod? The developers behind BubblePod have thought of everything, really. This handy little panoramic pod mount can also sit on a wine bottle - you know, just in case you're having some drinks and feel inspired to take a panoramic shot.

The BubblePod doesn't lack when it comes to design either. This little pod comes with different base colors (black or white), and a number of larger body colors ranging from pink to blue and many other colors in between. The device is small enough to slip into a bag or carry with you, and it really solves the whole panorama with a smartphone problem.

Release and Pricing

The BubblePod team has decided to gain funding for this project via Kickstarter. The campaign is not active yet, but it will be active very soon. If you want to get your hands on a BubblePod earlier, you can back the project in advance for $25. That small amount will get you your own BubblePod. When the campaign does go live, the developers behind this project will be asking for just over $45,000 dollars. Is this device worth that price?

There are other panoramic devices on the market right now, but the BubblePod is unique. What makes it unique? The wine bottle tripod holder, for one. Design, intelligence, and simplicity are also worth considering. If you really want a device that will help you nail those panoramic shots quickly and simply, it's hard to think of a better option.

Love how this device sounds? Want to get your hands on a BubblePod? Make sure to back the device on Kickstarter when it arrives, or just send your $25 to the company to get your own BubblePod. This also makes an awesome gift for any photography buff in your life!