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  • Bumble BFF: Find Your New BFF
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Have you ever wished for an app that could help you meet friends in a new town? Or just in your town? As kids, it’s easy to make friends in school and through activities, but as adults things get a lot harder. Enter Bumble BFF.

Bumble (as you might know) was once a dating app (well, it still is) that allows girls to initiate dates. Now, Bumble has branched out to include a feature that lets girls find other girl friends in the same town. Here’s how it all works.

Bumble BFF

To use BFF, you have to create a Bumble account if you don’t already have one. From there, you’ll have to switch into BFF mode in order to find friends not dates. Once you’re in BFF mode, you will see photos of people that might be good friends to meet up with. Bumble will decide on the people that the app thinks you might be a good match with (this is why you have to create a Bumble profile).

If you see someone that you’d like to chat with, all you have to do is swipe right. From there, the person that you want to connect with has 24-hours to initiate a conversation (or you can). To separate BFF conversations from dating conversations, the BFF conversations will turn green instead of the usual Bumble dating colors.

Some Issues

Right now, Bumble BFF requires that one profile be completed for use with both Bumble BFF and with Bumble the dating app. Bumble is working on creating a platform for both so you can set up a BFF profile and a Bumble dating profile, but that’s not there quite yet. Bumble also uses Facebook to gather information about you, so you do have to have a Facebook account as well.

A Nice Move

Bumble has probably hit on something really useful here with the BFF app. Most adults have a really hard time making new friends so why not use a dating app? It might be hard at first to explain to your partner that you are on Bumble for friend purposes, but BFF probably has a big market already.

Since this app has just launched, it’s probably going to be a while before you can find a BFF in your town - then again, Bumble already is set up across the US, so this might not be the case at all. Bumble is the first company to branch out into a friendship matching service. Other dating companies will follow Bumble’s move, though, if this one works out.

How to Use It

Bumble BFF can be downloaded from both the Apple and Android store right now. Again, you’ll have to create a Bumble account (and that means that you’ll get date requests too), but you can switch to BFF once your account has been completed. Bumble might have something really catchy here - if you are looking for friends in a new city or just in your city, give BFF a shot.