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  • Burberry Turns to Technology
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It’s not every day that a major fashion house like Burberry makes technology headlines. But, the tech-savvy team at Burberry is definitely one step ahead of the fashion crowd this year. The iconic label has decided to interact with consumers using personalized RFID chips.

When items from the company’s new line are ordered, consumers will receive an item that contains a personalized chip. When wearing that item near a phone or inside of a Burberry store, the chip can then be activated.

Burberry has also added some other personalization options to the company’s new lineup. The whole line has been designed, so that consumers receive far more than just a garment. The concept behind this new technology spin is a great one, and it may just be one that other fashion designers copy. If you have the cash to purchase something from Burberry’s new line, here’s what you have to look forward to.

Nametags and More

Burberry’s personalization goes the extra mile too. Not only will consumers have the chance to view a customized video, but each garment ordered will also contain a unique nametag. Inside of a jacket, for example, the golden Burberry tag will read “Made For Your Name Here.” Talk about making clients feel special! Further, when the RFID tag is implanted into these items, consumers can watch Burberry seamstresses sewing that personalized nametag into the purchased item.

The idea behind Burberry’s new marketing campaign is a great one. Of course, Burberry runway items aren’t cheap, so these RFID items are reserved for those who can afford them. Can RFID chips help to sell Burberry clothes? Possibly; people do like to feel special, and customized items are always a top seller. So, Burberry might be onto something here. Then again, some clients may not care at all about RFID chips or what Burberry is doing when it comes to technology. Some may not want chips sewn into very expensive garments.

The Future of the Fashion World

Houses like Burberry are largely suffering in a world where many cannot purchase these goods. Turning to technology might be one way to boost drooping sales. Then again, some may view these new tech attempts as gimmicks. There’s also a good chance that smaller fashion brands may copy Burberry’s attempts. You may soon be seeing customized RFID tags at your local GAP store – or not. The technology is expensive to implement, and that would drive the cost of some goods up.

But, people may just be willing to pay for a personalized item that comes with a personal video. Imagine your name on the outside of your new Burberry bag. This type of customization used to be reserved for the very rich. Now, anyone who has enough money to spend on an item from the new Burberry lineup can have what was once super exclusive.

To find out more or to watch the Burberry demo video, make sure to visit the Burberry website. Or, you could just check out what Burberry is selling right now, use your credit card, and watch a short video to see how and when your item is being made. Burberry certainly makes consumers feel important with this new technology initiative!