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Non-phone cameras aren’t really something most people think about anymore. If you attend a wedding or other event, most people simply use smartphones to snap shots. But, there is still a market for the traditional camera. Sometimes, a smartphone just won’t do the job, and let’s be honest, a real camera just take a better picture. Camera manufacturers that are still hanging onto the consumer market aren’t ready to give up just yet, either.

At the recent CES conference, a number of cameras were debuted. The cameras that grabbed attention were advanced as far as technology goes, easy to carry, and worth taking a look at (even if you are a smartphone camera fan). Take a look at what the world of photography has in store for you this year.

The Focus is On Autofocus

Today’s consumer wants something that’s fast and accurate. For camera manufacturers that demand means making cameras that have excellent autofocus capabilities. Some top cameras coming out that get autofocus right include Samsung’s NX300 and Fujifilm’s X100S. Both of these cameras get autofocus right, and the X100S even comes with a split-screen viewfinder. Another camera that just may pique your interest is Polaroid’s new interchangeable lens camera. The newest camera from Polaroid not only includes lots of lens options, but Polaroid told press that this camera will be priced to move.

The WiFi Lineup

Cameras that connect to WiFi have been circulating for a while now, but none of the current cameras on the market get it just right. The new WiFi cameras from Samsung and Nikon might just change the way consumes look at WiFi camera options. The new Samsung Smart Cameras now include a handy smartphone or tablet option (users can send photos directly to a smartphone or tablet for sharing ease). Nikon’s new Coolpix options are Nikon’s entry into the WiFi market (and come in an array of interesting candy-coated colors).

The Camcorders

Even though the camcorder market is largely dying down, some manufacturers have been playing around with camcorder options. iON was, by far, the most innovative manufacturer to debut a POV camcorder at the CES conference. The compact Adventure and Air Pro 2 are excellent options if you want a really small and compact camera that can be taken anywhere. Lastly, some manufacturers skipped the traditional camera idea altogether and went for an already existing target market: the iPhone crowd.

iPhone Camera Add-Ons

Consumers who just want a better iPhone camera will get a lot of use out of the Foto.Sosho cases from Will.i.am (provides three lens options, a flash, case, and shutter release for the iPhone 4S) and the Snappgrip (a smartphone case that doubles as a grip – currently in Kickstarter mode).

There are a few additional camera options coming out, but most of the cameras revealed were really just upgrades of previously models with nothing to write home about. All in all, it’s going to be a good year for cameras and for those who like to use real cameras (or iPhone add-ons). Even though it may seem like the camera market is dead, plenty of people still get a lot of use out of the traditional handheld camera.