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  • Compact Cameras With Interchangeable Lenses Abound
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If you love all things camera-related, you probably hate most compact cameras. These cameras mean well, but they don’t offer the heft or lens changing ability that larger, professional, cameras do. Real photographers like to hold something heavy in their hands, and they like having the option to change lenses whenever and wherever.

The problem with most compact digital cameras used to be a lack of lenses – after all, who wants to be stuck with a factory lens?

So, what about the newest generation of compacts? These cameras are still small enough to slip into a bag, but they also come with lots of lens options. If you’re looking for a portable camera, you might want to consider one of these new hybrids. I’m not saying that a new compact will replace that old Nikon, but I am saying that you may just enjoy what these new cameras have to offer.

Nikon’s J1 and V1 Options

Nikon has long been a trusted camera name. In fact, Nikon enthusiasts tend to follow this brand loyally. When Nikon came out with the J1 and VI options, many paid attention. These mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras gained some positive and some negative press. Both cameras support 12-bit RAW files and lots of nice features. Plus, the designs that Nikon gave to both cameras look and feel nice.

The one complain that many reviewers have regarding Nikon’s newest family members is that these cameras come with small sensors. If this doesn’t bother you, both the J1 and the V1 are worth taking a look at. You’ll find that these cameras retail for around $800 to $1000 respectively. As the price reflects, these are serious cameras for serious camera enthusiasts. But, Nikon’s not the only company to enter the new compact hybrid market.

Sony Nex C-3

Sony billed the 16-megapixel Nex C-3 as the “world’s smallest, lightest, interchangeable lens camera.” In a world filled with smartphones that keep getting thinner, a small and light camera may appeal to many people. This camera won’t weigh you down, but it does come with a hefty feature package. If you enjoy what Sony has to offer on most occasions, you will like the Nex C-3.

This camera has a large sensor, a long-lasting battery, and excellent imaging. All of these things combine in a nicely designed package that doesn’t feel cheap. Speaking of cheap, Sony has stuck a price tag of $599. You can buy this camera through Sony directly or through most electronics stores.

Other Offerings

Seemingly, “compact-hybrid” is the name of the new camera game. As such, every camera manufacturer under the sun has a new hybrid version on store shelves. Some of these cameras are lightweight like the Sony offering, and some are more focused on lens quality. If you take a look at any of the big camera brands, you will find a hybrid camera option.

Sure, those older cameras that were filled with metal and extra weight felt good in-hand, but these new hybrids can go anywhere while shooting almost the same things.