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  • Canon’s C300 Video Camera For the Stars
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Canon is a trusted name within the photograph and video world. For many years now, consumers looking for a great camera have migrated towards Canon. But, Canon isn’t a name that’s very well known within the cinema world. Now, the company is looking to change the way that it is perceived throughout Hollywood by announcing and showcasing the C300. This cinema camera will retail for around $20,000.

Canon chose a great time and place to unveil the C300 video camera. The company waited until numerous directors and filmmakers were present to bring out the sleek C300 in Hollywood at an industry gathering. The camera caught instant attention, since it’s the first camera of this calibre that Canon has released. As Canon makes its foray onto the cinema scene, many are waiting to see what the age-old camera company will come up with. Still, others wonder whether or not the Canon C300 will be able to compete with other cinema cameras in its class.

The Cinema Competition is Tough

Video cameras are an essential tool to Hollywood directors. No movie could be produced without the help of a great camera. Thus far, only a handful (if that) of video camera manufacturers have been able to breech Hollywood’s golden walls. One of those camera companies is Red. Red has been known in Hollywood longer than most current directors have. The question that Canon now has to ask is: can Canon compete with a tried and true camera manufacturer such as Red?
Interestingly, Red has also announced a new cinema camera.

In fact, Red announced the new Scarlet-X camera on the same day that Canon announced its C300. Clearly, the Hollywood camera competition is not about to back down. How does the Scarlet-X stack up to the C300? Here’s a quick look at what Canon hopes to entice Hollywood with.

C300 Specs

If you’re a professional cinematographer or you just liked to buy pricey cameras, you can expect a mediocre display from the C300. Here’s what Canon’s press release included for camera-specific details: HD-SDI output, 1080p capture and two CF card slots. Canon also mentioned that the camera will come with either an EF or PL mount (that’s right, note the word “either”).

The Scarlet-X, on the other hand, comes with an S3f sensor, 4k video and 5k stills. Red hasn’t release many other details about the Scarlet-X, but there’s one small detail that movie makers may not be able to pass up. The Scarlet-X will retail for $9750 – more than half of what Canon is asking for the C300.


For those looking to direct a movie, Canon’s C300 is worth a look. While not as impressive as a number of cameras out there, Canon always creates quality products. As with most other devices, it’s always a good idea to compare the two cameras that you are considering purchasing. You’ll quickly find out whether you enjoy Canon’s latest offering or whether you want to stick with a camera that retails for half the price. Canon has announced that the C300 will be available in January of 2012.