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  • Canon EOS 1D X: This Is Not a Cheap Camera
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You have to either love cameras, enjoy creating movies or shoot photos for a living to understand Canon’s EOS 1D X pricing. This latest member of the Canon family retails for more than $6000. While the price for this powerful camera is high, Canon might be justified in slapping such a hefty tag on the X. After all, the Canon X does mark the company’s 10th generation of SLR cameras. It also happens to come with a slew of features that most photographers will sell blood for.

If you’re in the market for a new, and expensive, camera, it’s time to turn your eyes towards the Canon EOS 1D X. The body of this camera looks a lot like the previous 1D models that Canon has delivered, but the uniqueness of the X will become apparent once you read about this camera’s specs. So, why is everyone so excited about the X? Feast your eyes on these details from Canon.

X Specs

The X’s 18.1-megapixel sensor has an all new, completely redesigned, autofocus system. This is backed by Digic 5+ processors (ten times faster, according to Canon, than regular Digic 5 processors) capable of 2-stop movement. All of these features add up to a faster, stronger, camera that was made for snapping perfect pictures.

In addition to these mind-blowing specs, Canon has also made sure that this camera can shoot in HD. The X can shoot in full HD and comes with a whole bunch of manual settings that true videographers will love. It’s tough to say whether Canon is aiming for videographers or photographers with the X, but it’s safe to say that both groups of people will be interested in Canon’s latest offering.

The Look and Feel of the X

As mentioned, the X does look a lot like previous 1D models. However, there are some slight differences between the X and other Canon SLRs. A 100% viewfinder will intrigue many while a larger body that comes with bigger tactile buttons is a good move for the camera giant. Often, the number one camera complaint amongst serious photographers is the lack of easily accessible tactile buttons. Cannon has fixed this problem by addressing photographer concerns with the X.

It’s also important to point out the material used to construct the X. This is not a cheap camera by any means with an all-new, completely solid, high-grade magnesium-alloy body. This camera can take travel, some hits, and a few drops without any problem. Canon has priced this camera on the high end of things, but there’s a reason why the X is at the top of the price charts – this camera was built to last.


You’ll have to wait until the end of March, 2012, to get your hands on the X. Canon’s $6000+ price tag does not include any lenses, so keep this in mind. You’ll also have to account for tax depending on where you live. You can read more about the X by visiting Canon’s website.