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  • The Canon EOS M3 Is a Nice Mirrorless With a Few Drawbacks
Technology Articles > Photo, Video & Audio > Digital Cameras > The Canon EOS M3 Is a Nice Mirrorless With a Few Drawbacks

Canon has recently announced a few new cameras including the EOS M3, which is one of the most user-friendly mirrorless cameras that the company has created. The EOS M3 improves greatly on previous models including the EOS M.

Unlike the models that came before the EOS M3, this camera is easy to hold, and doesn’t include too many odd touchscreen controls. While the touchscreen options are still there, the EOS M3 brings back the physical controls that the M didn’t have. This might be one reason why Canon is bringing the EOS M3 to Europe where the M didn’t make it out of Japan.

EOS M3 Additional Details

The EOS M3 also includes an autofocus that’s much more advanced with a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor. The EOS M3 doesn’t come with a viewfinder (which some may find off putting), but you can purchase the EVF-DC1 accessory to use with the M3. Still, that option doesn’t compare to a built-in viewfinder, so this could be a major drawback for some people. It’s just odd to look through an accessory attachment in order to view images, but you could get used to it if you use it long enough. I’m not sure why you would, though, considering that there are many other cameras on the market with integrated viewfinders, but that’s entirely a consumer decision.

If you don’t care about a viewfinder, the EOS M3 is one of the nicer mirrorless options that Canon has put out. One of the drawbacks here might be that Canon has only included four lens options with the EOS M3, and that’s fine if you don’t mind that three of those four are slow zoom lenses. Otherwise, you won’t find a lot of lenses to go along with this camera, so this may not be the best option for you if you’re looking for a mirrorless with various lens choices.

Is This the Right Camera for You?

If you’re in the market for a new camera, the EOS M3 does have some appeal. The major drawbacks here are the lack of a viewfinder, and the very limited choice when it comes to lens options. If you want a mirrorless camera with a built-in viewfinder and various lens choices, the EOS M3 will disappoint. If you’re okay with the lenses that Canon is offering, and you don’t care about a viewfinder, the EOS M3 is a user-friendly option that is much better than the past mirrorless choices to come from Canon.

Right now, Canon has not announced any plans to bring the EOS M3 to North America, but the camera will be available across Europe this month starting at 760 Euros. If the camera did come to North America (and you calculated based on the exchange rate), the EOS M3 would retail for around $860 USD. At that price, this isn’t a camera that you’d use casually, but it is one that will take excellent pictures - if you don’t mind those minor drawbacks. Hopefully, the EOS M3 will make it to North America, so that camera enthusiasts can check it out.