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  • Windows 8 Touch PC: A Hot Ticket Item
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Industry experts didn't expect touch-screen PCs to sell as well as they have. Despite what they thought would happen, people are snatching up Windows 8 touch-screen PCs faster than store clerks can stock. Some retailers are expressing displeasure with the fact that they can't order enough touch-screen machines to meet the high demand they're experiencing.

What's holding up their production? According to an analyst at IHS iSuppli, Rhoda Alexander, PC manufacturers are having difficulty getting their hands on touch panels. This is leading to empty shelves and disappointed consumers, trying to bring this exciting new technology home for Christmas. Even Microsoft's CFO, Tami Reller, says in her opinion, there aren't enough touch screen devices in stores.

What's All The Fuss About?

Reviewers are raving about the aesthetically pleasing Start screen with apps laid out across the screen in squares that stream real-time information, such as the weather or your inbox. The touch screen controls are said to be just as easy to use as a keyboard and mouse. The best new feature, though, has to be the multi-touch gestures included on Windows 8 touch screens.

This used to be exclusive to Macs, but with all of the hardware upgrades necessary to Windows 8, it's time to upgrade the touch screens. These new gestures (pinch-to-zoom, two-finger scroll along both the X and Y axes, and edge swiping) will certainly make users happy who are already familiar with using these gestures on their smartphone or tablet.

The real draw for users is likely the fact it can operate with a touch screen or keyboard and mouse effortlessly. This way, if you become tired of reaching up and swiping the screen, you can switch to mouse without a problem.

Despite Price, Touch Screen Machines Selling Fast

A variety of machines sport a touch screen, like tablets, hybrid laptop-tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs. Touch screen PCs are typically pricier than portable touch screen devices. One would assume in today's economy, consumers would be looking for value over bells and whistles, but this is not the case. In fact, non-touch screen Windows 8 PCs are selling less than expected this holiday season. It appears people put price aside to get their hands on the latest technology.

Analysts frown upon the fact that Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets aren't as abundant as Android tablets and iPads. In fact, two such machines on the market are currently only available through Microsoft's online store or in Microsoft Stores. Regardless of abundance, demand is low for these tablets. The masses want a touch screen PC.

Too Much Change Too Soon?

Prior to Windows 8 debuting in stores, Microsoft provided a list of five devices running Windows RT that would be available along with the software release. On release day, however, only two were actually available. Later on, Microsoft cited errors in the initial list. Whatever the problem, Microsoft isn't saying at this moment. It leads this author to speculate they were too quick to launch Windows 8 and RT, along with associated new devices. Because who wants to admit they can't promise something? Better to just blame it on errors in a list you'd made.