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  • How to Choose the Best Browser
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Lots of tech headlines these days refer to the browser wars -- and wars they are. Every browser company on the planet wants your attention and wants to be on top. There are a handful of possible browsers to choose from including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Most of these browser options include definite strengths and weaknesses. The best way to decide on the right browser for your net needs is to figure out what you desire the most.

Got A Need For Speed? These Are the Browsers You Need!

If speed and efficiency are what you’re after, you have (in this reviewer’s opinion) two choices. The first is Apple’s Safari. Now, you might think that Safari is just for Mac users and this used to be the case. Today, however, Apple makes a Windows version of Safari that’s pretty top-notch. Safari includes a number of useful features including a handy “Top Sites” feature that loads those sites you frequent every time you start up your browser (really useful if you just want to click on a site and be brought directly to that site without any hassles). Safari is also super organized and super fast, which makes this browser a reviewer favorite.

The other option in the speed and efficiency category is Google’s Chrome. Google has recently added a great new feature to Chrome that loads a website before you finish typing in the URL. So, for example, you could type: www.goo-- and Chrome would begin loading the Google homepage. Chrome’s fast loading feature makes this browser more than note-worthy and worth a shot if you haven’t tried Chrome before.

Security and Privacy

Don’t overlook security and privacy when you decide upon a browser either. Internet Explorer has gained a bad reputation for being outdated, though you shouldn’t let these rumors deter you from checking out what Explorer has to offer. Internet Explorer now includes a really cool Tracking Protection feature that protects wherever you may roam.

Google’s Chrome is also great when it comes to your privacy. There are a number of privacy settings that you can access when using Chrome, so make sure to check those out. It’s also known around the tech world that Chrome comes with plenty of technical support, which is something that’s really important if you ever run into a problem or glitch.

Constant Updates Are Key

A browser is only as good as its updates, and Apple, Google, and Mozilla have been known to update their browsers more than regularly. If you use any one of these browsers, the latest updates will appear as soon as you start your computer – no compliance necessary. More updates mean added security, so make sure that you select a browser that will update frequently. Deciding which browser to use can be made simple by following these tips and by taking each browser for a test spin – you’ll soon find out which ones you love and which ones you could live without.