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  • Chrome for iOS

Google’s Chrome is one of the most popular browsers available. So, it’s no surprised that Google wants Chromes to be available to everyone everywhere, and that includes on iOS devices. Even though Google and Apple aren’t the best of friends, Google has managed to create a Chrome just for iOS users. Today, Chrome for iOS has finally rolled out (available on the iPad and iPhone). If you’re wondering how Google’s Chrome for iOS stacks up to Mobile Safari, come along with me as I explore the new Chrome for iOS option (available in the App Store right now).

Chrome for iOS: First Impressions

After a speedy installation, Chrome will ask user to comply with their agreement and to allow Chrome to integrate Google tabs, Omnibox, and bookmarks into the Chrome for iOS app. If you don’t want to mesh all of these things together on your iPhone or iPad, you can simply skip this step. From there, you will have another choice: you can take the Chrome Tour or head directly to the search box or tab option. I suggest that you take the Chrome Tour, since this version of Chrome is slightly different from the one that you may already use on your laptop or desktop.

The Chrome Tour is really quick, but it will give you some helpful tips that can be instantly applied to your Chrome for iOS usage. After just a few minutes of playing around with Chrome, I found this browser to be very easy to use. In fact, Chrome was so easy and familiar that it instantly reminded me of something.

Similar to Safari – But Different Enough

Chrome for iOS really reminds me of Safari. Users can pre-load favorite websites and keep those sites in tab form. Tabs can be moved around, flicked from one side of the screen to another, and all tabs are present when viewing the Chrome home screen. As with Safari, having all of your favorite sites ready and waiting for you saves a lot of time and energy. Sadly, Safari for iOS is actually a bit more difficult to use than the original Safari – this reviewer actually prefers what Google has done with the new Chrome.

Should you choose to integrate your email account with Safari for iOS, you will find that all of your favorite tabs are pre-loaded, which is a really nice feature. Speaking of nice features, pre-loaded tabs and a really super interface aren’t the only things that will draw a lot of users to the new Chrome.

Chrome Offers Stealth Mode

For some reason (and we all do it), people are far more likely to search for something obscure using a smartphone as compared to a laptop or desktop. I’m not certain why this happens, but it seems as though one’s smartphone is like a friend who will never tell your search secrets – only, your phone will actually spill all of your search secrets thanks to a little thing called history. Well, Chrome gets rid of any paranoia you might have over your search history by letting you browse in stealth mode. When you’re in this mode, anything that you do will be concealed from prying eyes. So, as you can see, there are lots of reasons to love Chrome for iOS, which would explain why this app has gone straight to the top of the App Store most downloaded list.