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  • Able Planet's Clear Harmony Headphones
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The first thing to note about Able Planet’s Clear Harmony Headphones is the price. These are not inexpensive headphones, but they are not the most expensive pair on the market either. At just under $200 (at the time of this writing), these Able Planet offerings are right smack in the middle of the quality headphone price market.

The second thing to note about the Able Planet Clear Harmony Headphones is that these headphones are the perfect example of headphone quality. Everything about these headphones shines from the noise cancellation abilities to the way that the headphones are shaped. If you’re in the market for some headphones that are worth the somewhat high price, it’s time to check out Able Planet’s Clear Harmony offering.

Intelligent Features

Noise-cancelling headphones are great when you’re trying to drown out sounds. Airplane noise, bus terminals annoyances, and even kids playing in the backyard can drive some people nuts. Noise-cancelling headphones are also handy when you’re trying to respect the person who’s sitting next to you – after all, not everyone shares your taste in music.

But, there are some times when you just don’t want to cancel the noise around you. Certain instances call for a bit of your attention, and during those times you’ll be happy that you can turn off the cancellation option on your Clear Harmony headphones.

This is not the only feature that Able Planet included in the Clear Harmony headphone set. These headphones can also be folded into a compact shape, so that you can easily travel with them. You’ll also find a volume control button right on the headphone wire, so there’s no need to mess with whatever music device you’re using. All of these things make the Clear Harmony headphones stand out from the pack right away.

Sound Quality

Of course, no headphones would be worth their weight if the sound coming from a set of headphones wasn’t fantastic. The Clear Harmony headphones offers great bass coupled with excellent all-around sound. There’s no doubt that Able Planet created these headphones to compete with the Bose Quality Comfort set, and Able Planet has done a great job of this. Especially considering that Bose offers their headphones for around the same price.

Some reviewers have found that Bose’s Quality Comfort headphones have better noise cancellation, but this reviewer has found the Clear Harmony’s to cancel out noise well enough. In short, the sound quality coming from the Clear Harmony headset is top-notch. You can opt for the Bose option, but it’s definitely worth looking into Able Planet’s Clear Harmony headphones if sound is what concerns you.


The other thing that’s important when shopping for headphones is comfort. After all, wearing uncomfortable headphones for a long time can take a toll on your ears. You’ll find that the Clear Harmony headphones are quite comfortable, adjust to all ear sizes rather well, and include soft padding for any ear shape. There’s no getting around it – Able Planet’s Clear Harmony headphones give other headphones in its class a run for their money.