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  • Eyefi Lets You Send Digital Images to the Cloud
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Some digital cameras come with Wi-Fi options now, but it’s not as common as you might think. If you happen to have a great digital camera, and you’d like to share your photos across all platforms and in the cloud, it’s now possible.

A company called Eyefi has created a SD card that lets you insert the card, share across all platforms, and save your photos in the cloud – so you can view them anywhere, even on your desktop.

Using the Eyefi SD Card

First, you have to insert the Modi SD card into your digital camera. Next, you install the Eyefi app. From there, you take lots of pictures. After that, you share your photos everywhere – including in your personal Eyefi cloud. You can send your Eyefi photos to any device (tablet or phone or laptop or desktop), PC or Mac. Send your photos to your device as you take them. This makes sharing and saving your photos a heck of a lot simpler if you don’t already have a Wi-Fi-enabled digital camera.

Plus, Eyefi now offers users the option to access a personal cloud. Using this cloud, you can sort and file your photos, create albums, and do everything you’d want a virtual photo filing cloud to do. The best part of the cloud option is, of course, that you can access your photos whenever you need to. Eyefi claims that the minute you take a photo and send it to any device, that device is updated, so that makes life a lot simpler too.

The Eyefi Cloud

Chances are that your phone can take some decent photos, but sometimes it just pays to have a top digital camera on hand. That said, some of the best digital cameras aren’t Wi-Fi enabled, and that’s the exact market that Eyefi is going for now. If you like photography, are serious about your photos, want to share your images, and are looking for a way to store all of your pictures in a cloud, Eyefi proves to be more than a bit beneficial.

The Eyefi cloud is available for free for the first three months. After that time has expired, the price jumps to $49 for twelve months of membership. With that price comes unlimited storage, so that’s not such a bad price to pay, and it might be cheaper than using a service like Dropbox if you have a lot of photos to store. The actual Eyefi SD card is priced at $49 for 8B.

The Eyefi has no real purpose if your digital camera is already Wi-Fi connected, or you just use your phone, but if you have a digital camera that doesn’t include a Wi-Fi option, Eyefi’s SD card is a good idea.

You can purchase the Eyefi card and storage space from the Eyefi website. Eyefi’s new cloud service and SD card make it easy to access your photos from any device that you own, and that’s good enough for this reviewer! If you snap photos a lot, will you check out what Eyefi is offering?