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  • Cobra Bluetooth Speakers and Portable Chargers To Be Showcased at CES
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You just picked up the latest smartphone this Christmas, and you're looking for some cool new accessories to go along with it. You might want to hold on to those gift cards you received to your local electronics store of choice in anticipation of what's to come from Cobra Electronics.

The well known manufacturer of mobile and navigation accessories just announced some appealing new products it will showcase at next week's CES 2014 show in Las Vegas.

Two products to note: the Cobra AirWave Mini and AirWave Box. They are different from the original AirWave, currently in stores, because they receive audio over Bluetooth connection and play it at the same time. The original AirWave was showcased at CTIA 2013.

The Original AirWave

The original music device that could only receive audio wasn't truly wireless, as a 3.5mm-to-RCA cable was required to hook it up to your stereo, portable speakers, or car stereo. It is a small, square black device that is capable of squeezing in just about any space within your car.

It makes the task of bringing your playlist from your phone to just about anywhere you are as easy as plugging a cord into a couple of ports, and its light weight makes it easy to take anywhere you go.

The New AirWave Mini and Box

In the same price point as the original AirWave ($39.99), the AirWave Mini will be released in February and offers users a rugged and weatherproof exterior. The Box offers a bit more for $79.99 – it features a rugged, rubber case that allows it to be submerged in water – and will be released in March.

Each of the Bluetooth devices feature speakers, and will operate completely wirelessly, streaming music for about 10 hours. It can sit on standby for about 120 hours, according to Cobra Electronics.

Other Cobra Electronics Products Showcased At CES

There will be two solar-powered mobile device chargers from Cobra as well, the Cobra CPP 100 and CPP 300. They each feature 6,000mAh batteries, but one is a bit different from the other. The 100 will sport both USB and Micro-USB ports along with an LED indicator as to battery status.

The 300 will have an LCD status indicator along with USB and Micro-USB outlets along with built-in outlet plugs. These devices will be available in February, $49.95 for the 100 and $79.95 for the 300.

The JumPack will also be showcased at CES. It is a pretty useful device – an emergency powerpack complete with built-in flashlight. It can provide power to your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or just about any device you can imagine, and can even jump-start your car when the battery dies! It has an LED status indicator, USB outlet, and 7,500mAh lithium-cobalt battery, and provides a 200A starting current and a 400A peak current.

Of course, mobile technology isn't all that Cobra Electronics offers. It plans to demo the HH450 Dual and CWR 200 radios, the CXT 1035 walkie-talkie, and the 8500 Pro HD GPS device at CES as well.