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  • The Creative Live Cam Socialize
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You can use a webcam for a number of different things. Webcams are used to make video resumes, record messages, and to speak to someone who’s located far away. While all of these things are practical, webcams can, and should, be fun too. If you already have a webcam integrated into your desktop or laptop, you might not need another one. If you’re looking for a webcam, the Creative Live Cam Socialize is worth a second look.

This webcam can be purchase for around $50, and it includes a whole bunch of fun features. Even better, the Creative Live Cam Socialize makes shooting any kind of video easy. You won’t know that this camera is running in the background when you are using it, and you won’t be bothered by any pesky pop-ups.

Features Galore

Want to turn your face into a cartoon or add a hat to your head? This webcam can do all of that. You can also place yourself in different settings, so that the background you choose can be far more exciting than whatever you currently have in back of you. It’s a lot of fun to use the various image features that this webcam includes.

You can even set the camera to track your head movements, so that new accessories can be added to your head whenever you move (this may make for a very interesting webcam conversation!). Even though the feature section of this webcam is what makes the camera itself so popular, there are other reasons to love the Creative Live Cam Socialize.

Video Made Easy

Sometimes you want to shoot a video with your webcam. Other times, you may just want to take a quick photo. The Creative Live Cam Socialize does both. This camera includes a small button towards the top of the device that you can click when you want to snap a shot. You’ll have enough time to retract your arm before the camera shutter closes, and you can add plenty of colorful features to your photo.

If video is more your thing, just point and shoot the Creative Live Cam Socialize. This camera attaches to the top of most monitors or you can place the camera on your desktop. Really, the Creative Live Cam Socialize is incredibly versatile, so you can do whatever you want with it. At only $50for this camera, the Creative Live Cam Socialize is a great buy for any business person, student, or for someone who just wants a fun camera.


If the Creative Live Cam Socialize sounds like the ideal webcam to you (and it should!), you can find this great little webcam at any electronics store in your part of the world. If you want a better price, check online for deals. You’ll discover that the Creative Live Cam Socialize is so popular, it’s easy to find anywhere that electronics are sold.

Incidentally, the Creative Live Cam Socialize also makes a great gift for any student or office. Life today calls for a webcam, this is one of the good ones.