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The New Year brings with it all kinds of resolutions. For many, one of those resolutions is to reduce spending and debt. Knowing where to start or how to cut back is perplexing. But, there are some very hand websites that will help you get back on track or find that track. Below, you’ll find some of the best debt reducing sites available.

Payoff.com – Incentives and All

The site Payoff.com is particularly attractive because users are rewarded for money saved. Setting up a user profile on Payoff.com is simple, and tracking money spent and save is also user-friendly. Users who successfully save money and meet goals will also be rewarded with cash prizes. Payoff.com gathers all of your credit card and bank accounts in one neat and accurate profile picture. When gathered, viewing what you have spent and what you have available to spend is easy to see.

Once all of your information has been gathered and updated, the site will then help you set goals that you have in mind like paying off a card or buying a house. When goals are met, badges are given out, and some of these badges come with a few extra dollars. When tested, the Payoff.com site really worked well, was simple to use, and provided a lot of information. This site is highly recommended.

Readyforzero.com – A Helpful Reminder

Are you likely to forget to pay a bill or two? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. It’s hard to remember all of those bill due dates. Readyforzero.com wants to help you remember those upcoming bills by reminding you when a bill is due. This site will also gather all the account information you have available (like Payoff.com), and show you what you’re spending each month. You can also set goals and save money using the site’s handy features.

In addition, Readyforzero.com provides users with bill reminders, which is really the biggest part of this site. If you are constantly forgetting to pay bills, you are probably paying a lot in interest. When you use Readyforzero.com, your interest payments will go out the window and you’ll never miss a payment again. Setting up a profile on this site was simple, took only a few minutes, and the site is easy to navigate too.

Saveup.com – Bigger Incentives

Saveup.com is a lot like the other sites mentioned above, but this one comes with much bigger rewards. Every time you save money or meet a money saving goal, Saveup.com allows you to enter a sweepstakes of sorts. You could win vacations, a car, and other rewards just for saving money. The site calculates how much you can save each month and lets you know how much to put aside. When you reach these goals, you might be rewarded with a prize. Saveup.com make the signup process easy, profile information is private, and you will quickly see why this site is so popular – a user-friendly interface definitely helps! If your goal is to save, Saveup.com is the site for you.