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  • Dell XPS One 27: Leader of Windows 8 PCs
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If you are a Windows lover, you'll want to know that when it comes to all-in-ones featuring big screens, the XPS One 27 beats the others because of its reasonable price tag even with high-resolution 2,560x1, 400-pixel display. Choose your own price tag: the non-touch screen model starts at $1,399 while the touch screen model starts at $1,599.

In December, Dell will begin offering a Blu-ray upgrade for $200. If you want the Blu-ray drive included today, you'll have to suck it up and buy Dell's highest-end model XPS One 27 for $2,599. Yes, other brands offer 27-inch all-in-ones for a much more reasonable price (Vizio's CA27T-A4 starts at $1,219 and Acer's Aspire 7600U at $1,899.) However, you will not find a touch screen display at the resolution of the XPS One 27, making it worth each and every dollar.

Performance and Specs

At the price it is offered for, the XPS One 27 is the fastest, hands down. Cnet reviewed the $2,099 model with Blu-ray included (making the true price $2,299) which featured a high end 3.1GHz Intel Core i7 377S processor powering 8GB 1,600MHz DDR3 SDRAM of internal memory. Graphics are crisp and clear with the 2GB Nvidia GeForce GT 640M, and the hard drive stores 2TB of memory.

In Cnet performance tests, the Dell XPS One 27 beats all other all-in-ones in most tests, and the rest it is second only to the iMac. That means when it comes to Windows-based PCs, this is the one to own. In fact, when it comes to speed, there is no competition among other Windows-based PCs. Its touch screen is also the very best in its class currently. With edge-to-edge glass, you can get to applications and items in the corners and along the edges with ease. Beyond that, the touch controls are smooth, simple, and responsive.

When compared to the Acer Aspire 7600U and Sony Vaio Tap 20, you'll notice a huge difference in the touch screen performance, mainly minimal drag. Tests were conducted with the Air Hockey app available in the Windows 8 app store, and the Dell was never unresponsive or spotty when it came to the onscreen paddle, unlike the Acer. When it counts, you'll know that your screen allows you to keep a quick, continuous connection for ultimate performance when you need it.

As with other all-in-ones, it offers a gigantic, bright and crisp display on which to enjoy HD video at its full potential. It beats other all-in-ones with its higher resolution, giving the Dell the power to fit more text into shortcut boxes on the Windows 8 interface screen.

The Cons

Although it isn't a big deal when it comes to the performance of the XPS One 27, it is still worth noting the only drawback found: the display is not able to recline a full 90 degrees. As with the Acer, the screen will only recline about 60 degrees, while the Vaio Tap 20 is able to be placed flat on a tabletop at 90 degrees. This gives the Sony a bit of an advantage, as it becomes a wireless tablet in this way. It seems Dell would be wise to update this to allow for a true all-in-one experience.

The glossy screen might irritate photo editors, and high resolution adds up to grainy and blotchy playback on SD video. Also, certain games can be difficult to play due to this high resolution.

Windows-based platforms are catching up to the 27-inch iMac two years later, and with the release of the XPS One 27, Dell has made all other 27-inch Windows-based appear underdressed. If you are looking for an all-in-one for your home computing needs, look no further than the XPS One 27.